Stress is a common cause of health problems and little did you know that oral health is no exception. In today’s busy world, stress is inevitable!

Stress contributes to poor oral health of which a few conditions are listed below

Teeth grinding / clenching:  If you find yourself getting up to a headache with jaw pain or heavy feeling then you might be grinding and/or clenching your teeth at night. This is a subconscious habit and you might be even doing it during the day. This causes unnecessary pressure on the teeth and the surrounding structures in the jaw. Teeth tend to become attrited which later causes sensitivity.

Teeth decay & gum disease: A poor oral hygiene causes teeth to decay faster. Gum diseases increase as stress affects your immunity and bacteria build up rapidly which causes damage to gums resulting in swollen gums.


Poor oral hygiene: Being stressed with a busy schedule can cause you to ignore your oral hygiene. Improper brushing and flossing leads to poor oral hygiene which causes cavities and gum diseases.


Poor diet / nutrition: Due to time constraints people tend to consume junk food which contains high amount of sugar and carbohydrates which are harmful and accelerate tooth decay.

Bad breath: Changes in the mouth due to stress and a neglect towards oral hygiene causes unpleasant odour or bad breath that is also known as halitosis.

Cheek biting: Cheek biting is a subconscious reaction to boredom or stress.  It is a self injurious habit and does more harm than good. It results in wounds and ulcers which are painful and might be potential causes of oral cancer.

How to manage stress

  • Always plan your day in advance
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Eat healthy and drink plenty of water
  • Find relaxing techniques
  • Try and carry food from home to avoid eating unhealthy junk food
  • Do not skip dental appointments
  • Visit your dentist for regular check up


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