How To Correct Underbites in Children?

Children at an early age can have many dental problems, and one of the most common is an underbite. It is a bite misalignment in the teeth. An underbite happens when the bottom teeth bulge more than the upper teeth. The teeth bugle further in an underbite and can develop many other oral issues. In severe cases, an underbite can make a face appear prominent, like a "bulldog," due to the bottom jawbone's protrusion.




Underbite can be one of the most severe dental issues in the jaw, teeth, and face. An underbite is a "bad bite" that can create other dental issues and affect your child's overall health. Call and visit your pediatric dentist in Miami for more information.


What are the causes of an underbite?


5-10% of general children experience underbites, which are frequently genetically predisposed. If you or a family member has an underbite, there is a strong chance that your child will do so as they grow. Underbites can also appear or deteriorate due to thumb-sucking habits, use of a pacifier for a long time, tongue thrust, excessive mouth breathing, and interferences between your baby's upper and lower teeth.


Several factors, including genetic, environmental factors, or other illnesses, can cause an underbite. Here are some of the intricacies of underbite in developing child:


  • Childhood Habits
  • Physical Damage
  • Difficulty speaking, chewing, and swallowing
  • Tooth misalignment 
  • Chronic jaw or joint (TMJ) pain, head- and earaches
  • Tooth decay
  • Regular mouth breathing and bacterial diseases
  • Sleep apnea
  • Snoring and nighttime breathing difficulties
  • Self-esteem and confidence issues

How do you correct underbites in children?


Every child is different, and every underbite has another reason. Using the right appliance can address the issue it is better to treat it at a young age. This emphasizes the value of early orthodontic screening in children, which should be done by the time they turn seven.


The orthodontist Miami beach will decide the appropriate technique to treat the patient after analyzing the age issue and evaluating the underbite's reason and severity.




The best way to treat an underbite caused by an issue with the alignment of the upper or lower front teeth is with restricted braces or a removable retainer.


Therefore, the cause of an underbite can be due to extra growth of the lower jaw. The underbite can cause the child many problems. You should see a dentist to correct the issue; as the child grows, these devices work great and benefit the child's teeth to shift in position and fix the teeth issue without surgery. This is the best way to treat an underbite. Your dentist will provide underbite braces to restore the teeth. 


How to Fix Underbite?


The treatment options to fix an underbite:


  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Tooth extraction
  • Tooth reshaping
  • Underbite surgery
  • "Facelift" dentistry


The severity of your child's underbite impacts the correction of the underbite your dentist will provide. Underbites during childhood are much better to treat than in adults with orthodontics.


In Conclusion:


Consider talking to your orthodontist North Miami if your child has an underbite due to a skeletal problem or genetics. Visit your dentist for more information. Book an appointment now and discuss your child's oral issues. 


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