How to get rid of a gum abscess without going to the dentist?

Your pearly whites are not the only thing important for having a perfect smile; gums play an important part too. If you do not properly track your oral cavity, the gums may suffer from an infection and form pus around them. In such a scenario, please visit your dental clinic in Houston for treatment.

Trauma does not knock before coming; your teeth often suffer in this unforeseen situation. If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, there are high chances of bacteria creeping inside them to cause an infection leading to abscess formation.

Gum Abscess

A gum abscess is described as a pouch-like structure inside the gum with pus in it. When the bacteria reach the innermost layer of the tooth, pus formation starts. The accumulation will lead to throbbing tooth pain.

Treatment of gum abscess

It is better to get a dentists’ aid for gum abscess since it requires proper drainage for cleaning. But, if you are scared and not willing to sit on the dreaded chair, here are a few tricks by which you can easily get rid of a gum abscess at home.

5 Home remedies to cater to pain caused by gum abscess at home

Saltwater rinse

The easiest and cost-friendly option, used as an antiseptic which helps in relieving pain too. Promotes tissue healing, aiding in speedy recovery. The solution needs merely two ingredients; salt and water. Mix the two in equal parts, swish and swirl the solution, then spit. Repeat at least thrice a day.

Oregano oil

It is known to have antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which reduce pain and swelling when a tooth has an abscess. It is easily available in a health store or drug store. Do not forget to dilute the oil to prevent irritation.

  • For dilution, take a few drops of oregano oil and mix it with an ounce of carrier oil
  • Dab the cotton ball with a little caution in this oil solution. Do not submerge it
  • Place it on the affected area and keep it for two to three minutes
  • Remove the cotton ball and let the oil sit for some more minutes, then rinse
  • Repeat this method two to three times a day for good results.

Baking soda

Something easily found in every kitchen. Make a solution by adding equal parts of water and baking soda together with a pinch of salt. Rinse and spit the solution. This method is useful when tried twice a day.

Solace by ice

A cold compress has proven to be useful for decreasing inflammation and pain. Cover up the ice in a piece of cloth and place it on the swelling for relief.

Clove oil

It is in used as the best trick for toothache for ages. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property makes it apt for relief. The method of preparation is the same as any other essential oil. Dilute two to three drops of clove oil in a carrier oil. Put a few drops of this solution on a cotton swab, place it on the affected area, and then rinse.
It is advised not to take this issue lightly as there is a chance of inspection spread. Contact your dentist today.

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