How to keep your teeth healthy?The idea of ​​radiant white teeth is usually associated with the right oral hygiene. But there are far more ways to protect your teeth. Here you can find out more about it and see what can harm our teeth. Because you often do not know that you can also damage your teeth with toothbrush & Co.. In this article we will read how to keep teeth healthy.


Avoid These:-


Hard pressing toothbrush

Acidic Foods


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How to keep your teeth healthy


5 Tips for Brushing Your Teeth:


The right technique: circling and jogging movements

Do not forget a tooth!

Apply the correct pressure

Clean after the meal

Brush teeth regularly


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Brush your teeth to avoid building up of plaque


Why cleaning between the teeth is emphasized by the dentist. It is so important to cleanse between your teeth and keep your mouth fresh at all times.


First, you do not want to build plaque.


This is one of the reasons why you brush your teeth and floss.


It is equally important to remove floss after you clean each plaque that has built up on the teeth.


You should brush at least twice and floss your teeth daily.


Plaque build-up can lead to all kinds of dental problems.


Therefore, it must be maintained, and this can be done by cleaning between the teeth.


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What do healthy gums look like


Healthy gums are firm and pale pink.

The gingival margin runs thin and lies close to the tooth.

Healthy gums do not bleed when brushing teeth.


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On the Internet, coconut oil has been a trend for a long time - it is not only used as a healthy food for cooking, but is also recommended for healthy dental care.


Some claims it as alternative of conventional toothpaste.


All the hype about the coconut oil strated with a study from 2012 . This has found that coconut oil helps against caries-causing bacteria. Although there have already been individual studies, the antibacterial effect has been demonstrated for the first time.


Since then, every pro-coconut oil product has referred to this investigation.


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  • Useful tips to get rid of unwanted oral health issues, where avoidance of smoking habit & unhealthy eating leads to many dental issues. Hence using soft bristles & twice brushing helps to fight back cavities with ease, along with routine consultation with the known dentist..
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