Implant impression accuracy

Dear fellows dentists and technicians. It has been a while that I'm wondering how so that the implant manufacturers invest millions of dollars to raise the integration rate from 95% to 97%  and do nothing to improve the accuracy of the implant

impression. By the way, the most accurate result that was ever achieved in vitro is 38 microns gap which is about 4 times worse that the 10 microns passive fit required for implant restoration (Brenemark).

Does the patient care more if he has 97% percent osteointegration or he's going to loose his implant in a very short time due to open margins and horizontal overload? Doesn't our most important goal is to accomplish long lasting restoration?

It's about time to face the real problem and not letting the manufacturers to shift the focus from the real problem which is how to reach the 10 microns passive fit. "Open tray", "Close tray", "Splinting", "No Splinting", "Caps", "Transfers" non of these don't work.

Dr Zvi Fudim  

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