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Improving your smile is not just a goal, but also a commitment you make for yourself and your wellbeing. Improving your smile is not only about enhancing the aesthetics and treating the flaws of your teeth. It’s also about maintaining healthy teeth and gums for a healthier you.


The benefits of improving your smile can be both physical and emotional. An improved smile makes you more attractive and boosts your confidence. As a result, you smile more, feel great about yourself and have a more positive mentality in life. If you’re not satisfied with your smile, modern dentistry has many solutions to offer.


  • Teeth whitening- Teeth get discolored with age due to wearing off of enamel. There are many other reasons like excessive consumption of tea, coffee and aerated drinks which also contributes in discoloring your teeth. Well this all can be sorted and you can get back your lost shine in just an hour by getting teeth whitening done.
  • Dental bonding- This is the quickest way to get the perfect teeth. Your dentist will properly isolate your tooth by using cotton rolls / rubber dam. After that a soft tooth like material is bonded directly to your teeth in multiple thin layers and hardened with a UV light. This layering is done till the desired shade and shape is achieved. The final result is closest in appearance to that of surrounding natural teeth.
  • Veneers – thin shells of perfect shape/size /shade fixed onto your existing teeth. Veneers can be of great use to patients with discolored teeth. It is very common amongst celebrities.
  • Smile makeover/Smile design – correction of all aspects of the teeth and gums to ensure a better smile.


     “Give your smile, the shine it deserves!!!”


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