Nance Appliance prevents the upper molars from revolving or moving ahead after tooth extraction or when you are following your orthodontic treatment. Many patients wear the Nance Appliance until their permanent bicuspids or premolars burst into place.


The Nance appliance is made with two bands. The dentist places the adhesive onto the first molars and attaches the wire that spans the roof of the mouth from one molar to the other molar end. An acrylic pad shields the wire that touches the top surface of the mouth straight behind the front teeth.




To keep the appliance clean, you should brush your teeth and around the bands daily with the Nance appliance. Avoid eating sticky, chewy candy, as it can loosen your device.


When Should You Use Nance Appliance?


This helpful appliance prevents the teeth from shifting from their place. There are many other appliances, but a Nance appliance works with a unique function that can expand or evolve the upper molars or lower molars in their position. The device's primary purpose is to maintain a space to prevent upper molars from shifting forward.


How does a Nance Appliance work?


The biscayne park orthodontist fits the appliance comfortably in the mouth's top surface. The device fits with the bands that your dentist places on the top arch of the back molars. The wire is linked to the bands, and a small acrylic shield is placed in the center of the appliance's wire. 


How To Take Care For Your Nance Appliance?


When you wear your nance appliance, you have to take special care of the area so that it does not irritate your gum. As the device is attached to your teeth and the top surface of your mouth, you must maintain proper oral hygiene to keep the appliance clean. Visit your orthodontists Miami fl, for more information.

Follow these tips to maintain your nance appliance:


  • Drink water with every meal. 

Drinking water is necessary to stay hydrated. But it also helps to remove the food particles from your mouth, especially if you are wearing any appliance. Swishing water gently after having breakfast, lunch, evening snack, or dinner, just swishing water will remove food particles from your teeth and device. And you get a clean mouth.


  • Brush your teeth twice or thrice a day.

Brush your teeth twice between your teeth, gums, and appliances with fluoride toothpaste. Use a gentle and soft bristle toothbrush, so you don't harm your appliance. This will keep your teeth healthy and your smile happy. 




  • Floss gently.

You must floss your teeth at least once a day and use a Waterpik to floss around the nance appliance. This makes flossing easy and keeps it free from plaque! Proper hygiene keeps the appliance clean, keeps your teeth cavity-free, and eases discomfort.


In Conclusion:


Placing a nance appliance is good, but you should maintain oral hygiene. You must avoid hard, sticky, sweet foods that can harm the nance appliance. Avoid acidic foods and beverages, which can easily stain or discolor your teeth and appliance. You should also check your device daily, as it sometimes becomes loose. It would help if you visited your dentist the following day. Book an appointment with best orthodontist Miami


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