Is Teeth Whitening Safe For Children?

Teeth whitening is a safe and popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry. It is the best way to restore your beautiful smile. Teeth whitening helps you get natural white teeth. Many parents think about is there teeth whitening option for kids. As there are now so many teeth whitening options available in the market, you can whiten your teeth with these teeth whitening kits at home with your comfort.


Therefore, Miami children's dentists do not allow teeth whitening for babies till they have fallen all their baby teeth. So they recommend teeth whitening for babies until all their baby teeth have fallen. Before buying the products from the store, you should advise the ages and all instructions on the product.


Children can stain their teeth by using the products like colas, dark juices, popsicles, coffee, and other foods that cause their teeth to appear dark. Consuming these products can cause dark teeth and even result in tooth injury, tooth decay, or cavities. For proper oral hygiene, dentists suggest that children visit the dentist for a routine regular checkup.



Should kids have teeth whitening?

Dentists suggest that children whiten their teeth after 15 or 16 ages until their baby teeth are not falling. You should talk to your dentist before any procedure. Children's teeth should be first checked before whitening treatment as there may be cavities or other oral issues. Whitening can damage their teeth more and can cause pain in their teeth as the hole is not filled. Teeth whitening can also cause sensitivity in your teeth and despair. These are the only disadvantages of deep cleaning teeth.


It is essential to know that teeth whitening should only be done on baby teeth once they are 16. Teeth whitening should not be performed on children until the enamel on their permanent teeth gets fully calcified. It takes 2 years after an adult tooth appears. Using teeth whitening before their adult teeth appear fully may risk damaging their tooth enamel and can also cause damage to their gum tissues. 


So, before using any whitening products at home, make sure that you consult your child's orthodontist in Aventura fl, first. 


Healthy Teeth and Your Child's Diet

You should pay attention to your child's diet for healthy teeth and overall health. Check their sugar intake and avoid sugar consumption in their daily routine. ​If your child's teeth are more prone to sugar products, they are likely to have cavities. Sugary foods like sticky candies, caramel, candies, and toffee can damage their teeth if consumed a lot. The more they eat sugar, the more they have a chance to develop cavities in their teeth and stain.



Proper brushing and flossing are essential for healthy teeth. Make sure that they do not consume more sugar-containing food and don't allow them to sip sugary drinks, or they may stain their teeth.



Teeth whitening in kids is OK but make sure that they are above 15 to have the whitening products on their teeth. Teeth whitening improves smile and teeth.


Consult your orthodontist in Aventura Florida, before using teeth whitening products on your child's teeth.


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