Know your dentist!!!


If you are visiting a dentist, you know how important it is for the dentist to know all about you and your health details …similarly it’s equally important for you to know all about your dentist!!!

Have a look below for tippers on how to know your dentist…Make sure he/she is the absolute best for you.


  • One of the very important things for you to know is the authentication and certification of your dentist. Depending on the procedure you need done, check for credentials in the same field and specialized degrees etc.


  • When at a dentalclinic, never forget to pay attention to the level of cleanliness. Any quality dental facility should have the highest standards of sterilization, use of good quality disposables, use of fresh instruments for every patient etc.

Further, the general hygiene of their reception and patient waiting areas should be sparkling clean.


  • Communication between a doctor and patient is a really important factor. Your dentist should be able to explain the entire treatment to you in a detailed way and should also be able to understand your problem and make a good interpersonal relationship facilitating and enhancing the end result of the treatment.


  • Look around and notice if the technology around his/her clinic is up to date, along with that even the staff working with the dentist should be friendly, responsive and interested in serving others.


  • Ask your dentist to show you before and after pictures of his/her cases, to know the efficiency of your dentist better.


  • Read the reviews on the internet. This is the true test of the functioning of the dental practice and efficiency of your dentist. You can learn a lot from experiences of previous clients.


“Know your dentist to get the treatment you best deserve.”

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