Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye for In 2013

As 2012 draws to a close and 2013 is waiting on the wings, it’s time for dentists to evaluate their online marketing campaign and look at the trends which are projected to dominate this entire year:


Mobile Web


According to the latest statistics, around 75 percent of the entire global population now have access to smart phones and other mobile devices. It’s not just through personal computers that prospects and existing patients can access your dental website. So if making your dental site website friendly was not a priority in the past, then you should make this task first on your list for this year.


The lure of using mobile web is the fact that people can access the Internet even when they are on the go. And with such a hectic lifestyle most of us lead, the convenience of being able to schedule an appointment with your dentist while having lunch is something which most patients and prospects would really appreciate.


“Gamified” Services


The past year has seen the rise in creating game-designs to non-game applications. There is just something very engaging and fun about being able to play an application which wasn’t meant to be a game in the first place. If you’re thinking about making website visitors explore your dental site for a longer period of time, then it’s time to “gamify” the entire experience.


In-bound Marketing


If you’ve been extremely reliant on paid links in order to get traffic to your website, then it’s time for you to scratch that plan and start going for in-bound marketing. What in-bound marketing does is that it utilizes conversations, resources and all sorts of content in order to draw in prospects to your dental website without the need of paid marketing. Instead of purchasing links, it’s time for you to invest your money on great content and catchy website designs.


Local Marketing


If in the past, small business owners had to market to the entire world via traditional SEO, the entire thrust is local marketing. Local marketing involves improving your local search results with the help of Google Places, engaging with prospects and clients in a direct manner and then tracking this success. There are a number of websites which dentists as well as other small business owners can turn to in order for them to easily track the success of their local marketing campaign, including such websites as GetListed.



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