Are you looking for a dentist for you or for your kid? Are you also not so sure about the treatment because of having a preconceived fear about dentistry? If this description felt like its describing you, then you may be a subject of social anxiety or could be a phobia with the dentist as an outcome of purporting the recipient of myths or falsehoods. This is particularly relevant to those people who have gathered information from informal sources like videos or fake surgeries posts. First of all belief in those which are first-hand experiences.  However, to ease you with the false information and the self-developed anxiety mixed with overthinking. Below is the Myth busters information which can give you in-depth knowledge along with scientific knowledge. These are the facts that every orthodontist near me would like to tell you.


  1. The first and foremost myth that orthodontists want to let you know that there is no fixed time frame in order to achieve your standard result. For instance, if you want to fix the overbite and Underbite then it will take two solid years to see the results. No, you can get the results in as little as 6 months and sometimes even less depending upon the condition. No two people go through a similar type of treatment, your smile is unique so will be your treatment.


  1. The second myth about braces your dentist wants you to know that orthodontic treatment is not limited to the kids rather people from all age groups are coming to the orthodontist. While there is no fact that these treatments work fast on the kids because of the flaccidity of the bones but this does not deny the fact that adult braces like overbite braces are ineffective Sure, it may not appear like the most correct position for adults to use braces followed by the orthodontic retainer. In some cases, people are identified with a dental condition that demands the use of braces.


  1. The third myth about dental braces your orthodontist would love to tell you that nobody looks ugly in the metal braces rather they are just corrective implementation for a condition. Definitely, the image created by the society of the people who wear braces are a geek and socially awkward but that’s not the case anymore. Today, you have a variety of braces that are literally invisible and nobody will know you are on the dental alignment treatment. Braces like Invisalign and lingual braces are the two successful examples of invisible braces.


  1. Coming to the fourth myth that once my braces treatment is complete my teeth will remain straight. Making your teeth aligned and bite right is just half the battle. Keeping your teeth perfectly aligned in the way it is rest of the battle and trust it is not that easy. By the basic composition normally teeth are attached to the bone by elastic fibers that have the tendency to move back to their old misaligned condition. That is why retainers are needed when braces treatment is complete in order to maintain your teeth straight.

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