Teeth whitening, or any process that will make your teeth appear whiter, is one of the most popular aesthetic dental treatments. Is it likely for people to experience sensitive teeth after such a treatment? Here are some myths and facts about this popular process.



It will make your teeth very sensitive.



Teeth-whitening solutions in teeth-whitening kits sometimes do make teeth more sensitive, but it’s not a permanent side effect. The bleaching solution may cause mild irritation to your gums as well. That's also temporary.



You should use stronger teeth whitening agents if you want to reduce treatment time.




Teeth bleaching products contain peroxide, which at higher concentrations can cause sensitive teeth. Not only that, but because individual teeth respond to bleaching at different rates, there’s no guarantee your teeth will get whiter faster.



At home and OTC teeth whitening products are risk-free.



With at-home and OTC teeth whitening products, you run the risk of selecting or using an inferior product, incorrectly applying it, or overusing it. Overusing a teeth whitening product or using an inferior product with low pH can result in enamel damage (one of the causes of sensitive teeth).



Because it's temporary, there's no need to treat your sensitive teeth while whitening.



Toothpaste containing potassium nitrate, a "nerve calming" ingredient, should be used before, during, and after teeth bleaching to help..


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