My partner, Giovanni Castellucci, and I have been treating periodontal disease in our periodontal practice for over 29 years. Every day, we see an ever increasing amount of requests from our restorative colleagues and patients from Boston, Newton, Framingham, and the surrounding metrowest communities for Laser Periodontal Treatment as an alternative to more conventional surgical modalities. Dental lasers have been around for many years, and, in my opinion, are here to stay. Several laser devices and treatment protocols exist today including LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedure) and LPT (Laser Periodontal Therapy) from Millennium Dental Technologies, WPT (Wavelength-optimized Periodontal Therapy) from Lares Dental Research, and LAPT (Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy) from other companies such as Biolase, Kavo, and HOYA ConBio - just to name a few. Benefits include virtually pain-free procedures without surgical incisions and stitches, usually minimal or no bleeding, reduction of bacteria levels, shorter treatment times, and faster recovery. Our patients welcome these possibilities.

It is important to consider that every case must be evaluated on its own merits, and not all cases are best treated with dental lasers. Time-tested conventional periodontal therapy including elimination of bony defects by resection or bone regeneration techniques continues to play an active role in our daily practice.

The number of scientific research studies relating to the use of lasers in dentistry continues to expand. Evidence-based protocols for the treatment of gum disease and associated periodontal problems is of paramount importance for our patients.

What has been your experience? Are your patients requesting laser periodontal treatment? Comments are appreciated.

Cary Feuerman, DMD

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  • Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure ( LANAP) or localized Periodontal therapy (LPT) are all considered laser periodontal SURGERY, if we are following the specific FDA protocol. However, in the context of "sutures" and "incisions", then we can speak of another modality of surgical therapy. The use of laser energy to achieve our goals of periodontal health is here. Case selection is important. There are areas of periodontal treatment that still require "traditional" surgery, however the laser can still play a significant role as an "adjunctive" tool in many of those cases as well. refer to for more information as well.
  • We are been utilizing the LANAP protocol for several years now and the results have been outstanding. We are observing radiographic evidence of "bone regeneration"and a clinical observation of an increased "resistance to periodontal breakdown" compared to our conventional surgical patients in our maintenance program. Dr. Loyd Tilt's study on Tooth Mortality ( yet to be published) support similar rates ( if not better in certain instances) of tooth survival after 7+ years PO LANAP compared to conventional surgery and to the classical studies on tooth survival by Wood, McFall, and McLeod. Any requests for patient cases, photos, and radiographs can be requested on my web site at
    We are also retaining many teeth that we used to remove before using the YAG laser LANAP protocol.
  • Hi
    In my experience using Laser in periodontal therapy,yes it gives you better results and as you said,reduction of bacteria levels(no need to give antibiotic,only in the very bad cases).
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