Oral Conditions When Tooth Extraction Is Unavoidable

Dental tooth pain is one of the most distressing experiences anyone would want to have in his or her life. When one visit a dentist for the same and the dentist advises to get the tooth pulled to get relief from the pain. But what if, according to the condition of the tooth, getting a tooth pulled out is a prime requisite to get healed and get better smile correction. Here's the list of the reasons where tooth extraction is really necessary. 


Reasons for Tooth Extractions 


  • Impacted tooth - Impacted tooth is the non-visible or partially visible tooth stuck in the jaw bone usually pushing the adjacent tooth which is the main reason for the pain. The most common impacted tooth is the wisdom tooth or 3rd molar which needs to be extracted as it will only harm the other teeth and will be the reason for constant discomfort. 


  • Grossly Decayed tooth - The main reason for tooth decay is an accumulation of plaque and debris around the tooth which lead to infection in the tooth. When the infection reaches the soft tissue part of the tooth it causes pain. When the tooth becomes damaged to a certain extent, it can be saved from RCT. But, if the structure of the tooth is severely damaged and the infection is extensively spread in the jaw bone around the root, the tooth has to be extracted.


  • Orthodontic tooth extraction - Orthodontic treatment is done for the smile correction of the patients. Sometimes extraction is indicated to properly align the teeth in an overcrowded mouth or to accommodate the teeth if the jaw size is small compared to the teeth, then the dentist may advise you to get it pulled out.


  • Replacing the damaged tooth - It is not at all a wise decision to keep an infected tooth in the mouth as it will hamper the health of other teeth. A tooth implant or a dental bridge is a treatment option opted for the replacement of the missing tooth to restore the function of the missing tooth.


  • Fractured Tooth - Fracture of teeth can be due to any possible reason like excessive biting force, bite on any hard substance, or due to an accident while playing or riding. The tooth is separated into two portions which are often within easy reach of an infection. So tooth extraction becomes mandatory in these cases. 


  • Tooth Associated with A Long-Standing Ailment Of the Mouth: Getting a tooth pulled out is unavoidable during major oral surgeries like tumor surgery , or tooth present in the infected area or tooth associated with cysts has to be removed to get rid of the ailment 


  • Other Reasons: Retained milk tooth causing the problem, root piece left behind, any infected tooth present has to be extracted before the chemotherapy and radiotherapy procedure or if the root of teeth has been resorbed due to long-standing infection. 


Getting a tooth pulled out is a mandatory decision and should be planned properly so that a tooth implant can be placed on time that too without having bone loss. Keeping in mind all the pros of the treatment chosen, you should be well versed with the precaution that has to be taken after the extraction of the tooth. An experienced dentist will provide the best-suited treatment plan for you after examination of your oral condition. 


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