Oral habits in children!!!


As kids grow they tend to develop a lot of good and bad oral habits…

Then slowly through trials and errors and under parental guidance, they are able to differentiate between good and bad oral habits.

Few of the most commonly adapted habits by the kids are…

  • Teeth clenching habit- Many children have a tendency of grinding their teeth while sleeping at night. This can lead to teeth fracture or wear and even jaw related problems. Better to visit a dentist as soon as possible.


  • Finger/thumb sucking habits- Many toddlers continue to suck on their fingers or thumb as they grow older. This habit can lead to deformation of the upper and lower arches of the mouth and even lead to development of “buck teeth”. Breaking this habit is really important.


  • Chewing sugary, sticky candies- Few parents gives their kids sugary treats to chew on, without realizing how damaging the sugar can be. Excessive amount of sugar in the oral cavity is like a free invitation for bacteria to feast upon. This habit should be checked and stopped to reduce any further damage.


  • Nail biting- Many children gets this habit of biting their nails. This can lead to chipping of front tooth.


  • Tongue thrusting habit- Tongue thrusting is normal in kids up-till 6months of age, if continued after that it can adversely affect your teeth and mouth. The continuous pressure by the tongue on the front teeth tends to force them out of alignment.


  • Mouth breathing habit- Mouth breathing may lead to some serious oral health concerns. Since breathing out of your mouth dries it out, the amount of saliva decreases, which is a big problem. Saliva is important to ridding your mouth of harmful bacteria and neutralizing acids. When not enough saliva is produced, your chance of tooth decay and other dangerous problems increases.



“Check on these habits in your kids and prevent many dental issues beforehand…”

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