You have just found out that she is pregnant, but she just had a canal yesterday. Suddenly, she remembered what a friend told her about a main root canal, with negative effects on the child. She panicked and had to drive all the way back to ask his dentist for her situation. In general, midwives advised to delay any medical or dental procedure that may affect the developing fetus during pregnancy, even if the risk is minimal. However, it is not always easy to move Root canal treatment in the same way as the suspension of tooth whitening.


Potential risks of Root Canal Treatment at the time of pregnancy


A root canal is not really have a direct effect on the fetus during pregnancy. Although the film is necessary to examine the tooth, the radiation in question is minimal and x-rays are directed towards the mouth and not the abdomen. Other possible sources of risk associated with root canal treatment are: anesthesia. Dentists often use small amount of anesthesia to pregnant women. But if the dose is not sufficient to alleviate the pain of the patient, the dose may be increased gradually. As the tension of the dental procedure has a detrimental effect on the baby, additional anesthesia is preferable to allow the stress affects the baby. Or antibiotics. They are often prescribed by dentists to fight infection after dental procedure. However, they do not prescribe antibiotics that are safe for pregnant women.


How to be a safe treatment during pregnancy


When your dentist recommends a root canal, be sure to let you know you are pregnant. This allows you to make the right decisions about how and processing time. Often the first quarter is the most crucial. This is when the fetus begins to develop. If there is no need to rush in treatment may be postponed until the second trimester or after delivery. However, if treatment should be done immediately, inform the dentist of your situation will help the process as safe as possible.



Prevent Root Canal in Pregnancy


Pregnant women, like everyone else, need a balanced diet. It is then necessary to limit sugar intake as much as possible not only for health but also for the baby. In addition, maintaining good oral hygiene is necessary to prevent any dental problems throughout the pregnancy period. And if you have regular dental checkups during pregnancy, it is important not to lose. All this will help avoid the need for root canal treatment and maintaining safe and easy pregnancy.

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