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A new method for root canal treatment may change the functions of the dental industry.

New research being done on root canal treatments may lead to a breakthrough that will change the way dentists perform root canal operations. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA, is endeavouring to create a radical new root canal treatment that will allow healthy tissue to grow in the roots of diseased teeth.

Dr. George Huang, an endodontics specialist and dentist, who is heading the team in this research project, has found that injecting the cleared canals with stem cells can stimulate healthy cell growth. The main aspect is that this treatment method will eliminate the current process of filling the canal with gutta percha, a rubber-like substance. The stem cells will be grown in a laboratory and then placed inside the patient's mouth. The healthy tissue is then expected to grow within two months.

This may be positive news for dentists who perform root canal treatments in Pune. The range of root canal treatments can be anywhere between Rs. 1,000 and 5,000. The slow rise in prices is a cause from many different aspects – better clinics coming up in the city, patients demanding better treatments, purchase of better equipment from abroad, and many others.

Most root canal operations are the result of the continuous decay of teeth. Dentists can find the canal to be very narrow and difficult to fill once the pulp has been removed. They are forced to use a number of small files to enlarge the canal so that the gutta percha can be injected. If the cleaning aspect of the treatment is ineffectual, then the entire procedure is kaputt.

Dental surgeons in Pune would hope that this new method would be able to make their work easier and less stressful for the patient. Let us face the facts – nobody enjoys going to the dentist, let along going in for a root canal treatment. As this would be a less painful procedure, patients may actually be hopeful about getting their teeth treated.

Dr. Huang's new procedure, which is currently going through animal trials and testing, can be the answers to all these various problems that dentists face all over the world. Dr. Huang's treatment combines tissue engineering and stem cell treatment, thus reducing an immense amount of time and energy.

As more developments similar to the above-mentioned procedures are being researched into, one can hope that going to the dentist for a root canal treatment in Pune can become a less stressful and unpleasant experience.

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  • Good post, with innovation in medical science. Things are shaping up in dentistry profession, where problematic surgeries are taking place with ease. 

  • Nice information, thank you for sharing with us. Root Causes Analysis is typically used as a reactive method of identifying causes and solving them. 

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