Show Off Your Sparkling White Pearls To The World!

Medicine, like many other branches of academics has always been reinventing and improvising itself by each passing day. One such branch of dentistry which has attracted many young students to take up dentistry as their stream of study is the branch of Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry consists of any work which helps in improving the appearance of a person's teeth and/or gums. Dentistry, today, is not restricted only to the extraction of teeth and filling but includes a wide range of treatments which help in making the teeth look beautiful and attractive.

Further Classification

There are two special sub-branches in Cosmetic Dentistry, namely, Prosthodontics and Orthodontics respectively. While Prosthodontics, which is also known as Dental Prosthetics or Prosthetic Dentistry and deals with the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and maintenance of oral function, comfort, appearance of the patients like treating patients with missing or deficient teeth; orthodontics deals with specifically with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of wrongly positioned teeth and jaws. Medical practitioners dealing with this subject matter are known as Prosthodontists and Orthodontists respectively. There are many affordable dentist who provide all kinds of dentistry.

Treatments Offered

Some of the treatments which are or get covered under this branch of dentistry are:

• Whitening of teeth or teeth bleaching as it is also known as is a popular procedure which helps in lightening discolored teeth; 
• Tooth re-shapening which helps in removing the enamel of the tooth in order to improve the appearance of the tooth; 
• Bonding, which is a process in which enamel like dental composite material is used on the tooth's surface and is then sculpted to shape and polished. 
• Dental bridges which help in fusing the gap left by missing teeth with the help of porcelain crowns; 
• Dental implants which are nothing but prosthetic replacement for missing teeth; 
• Gum Lift procedure helping in raising and sculpting the gum line; and 
• Bite Reclamation, by which the vertical dimension of the patient's teeth can be reclaimed and any unwanted wrinkles can also be removed.

Raw Materials

Previously, for dental fillings and such other tooth restoration methods, gold, amalgam and other metals were used as an affordable dentist treatment, which were veneered with porcelain. However today, dental work is entirely made out of porcelain or other composite material which gives natural teeth like appearance to the entire set. This is one of the reasons why dental surgeons today, are increasingly opting for porcelain based fillings.

Your teeth are your precious assets. They are the most exposed bones of your body and hence, it is extremely vital for you to take care of those 32 lovely set of pearls which have been gifted by God. Today, science has advanced so much that it can help you in practically almost every single way in correcting any irregularity which you may be suffering from as far as your teeth are concerned. So go ahead and treat yourself to a beautiful set of sparkling white set of teeth and be an owner's pride and a neighbor's envy.

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