7 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Dentures

7 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Dentures

Dentures are a blessing for senior citizens and people with severe dental health issues. Getting a pair of dentures is a perfect way of dental restoration of the upper and lower arch of your teeth. But the question is that how long do dentures last? The most durable ones will also last fora maximum of 7-10 years. So how do you know that when to replace your dentures? We are listing here the 7 signs which show that your dentures need replacement.

Look out for the following signs:

1. Difficulty in Chewing Certain Food
The main motive of getting dentures is to have independence and dignity to eat all kinds of food. But if you feel that your once friendlydentures are no more supporting you in eating alltypes of food, then it's time for denture replacement.

2. Not Fitting Properly
You can recognize a good pair of dentures by the fitting. It fits perfectly well on your teeth and gums. One of the warning signs of your dentures wearing off is that they no longer fit you well. They often slip and slide now. A worst-case scenario can be there falling off your mouth because of loose-fitting. Your dentures might also get loose because of your gums shrinking over time. In any case, you will need a replacement.

3. Difficulty in Speaking Clearly
When the fitting of your dentures gets loose, you might sound slushy when you speak. Lisping when you start wearing dentures is common. That is the period when you are getting used to it. But any kind of speech impediment later is a sure sign of the need fordenture replacement or readjustment.

4. Sores on Your Gum Tissue
Well-fitting dentures apply pressure evenly on your gums so you won't get any sores. But if they put more pressure on some portion of your gums, you will get sores there. These sores are painful and harm your gum tissues. They are more excruciating when you are chewing anything. So when you start feeling sores on your gums, it's time to refit or replace your dentures.

5. Inflamed or Bleeding Gums
The dentures which are not suitable for your mouth can also cause it to get inflamed and bleeding. The uneven pressure, infection, and sores can be the reason for it. You should immediately call your dentist for a dental examination in such a case.

6. Damaged Dentures
If your set of dentures get broken, cracked, or even chipped a little, it will be of no use to you. Eating food properly and speaking without any lisp won't be possible through damaged dentures. Your dentist can have a look at them and get you a new one. In the case of minor damage in a single tooth, a repair can be possible. The damaged tooth of the denture can also be replaced with a new one.

7. Discolored Dentures
The answer to how long dentures last doesn't only lie in the time duration since you are wearing them. Sometimes your dentures can get discolored early.It can be a result of a lack of care. It can also happen due to overconsumption of coffee, tea, or wine. Whatever the reason, discolored or yellowish dentures won't look good on you. So it would be better to change them.

To Sum Up!
Although these 7 signs surely indicate that your dentures need replacement, your dentist may have other advice. Thus don't reach to any conclusion before your dentures get examined in detail by your dentist or orthodontists. Sometimes they might suggest a minorrepair or refit as a solution for all your problems.

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