A large percentage of people in the world aren’t happy with how their teeth are. Everyone has a different set of teeth. Some may have wide spaces, some may be aligned awkwardly, and some may be placed loosely or crowded. However, in almost all these cases, people would always want to improve the condition their teeth are in.

  • People use medical treatment to fix any part of their body or face they think is disproportionate or uncomfortable. In the same way, one opts to go looking for Invisalign braces Treatment if they think that they can fix their teeth to what they want it to look like. The orthodontist then, depending on the severity, may suggest corrective orthodontic treatment like surgery or braces.

In today’s world, people are very self conscious about their looks and how they look in the public. There are so many people who would find it very awkward or will shy away from wearing braces in the public because how it makes their mouth look or feel when talking. Therefore, even after being suggest orthodontic treatment, many people choose to not get braces and brave living with uneven teeth.

What is Invisalign braces Treatment?

  • Invisalign treatment is an alternative to regular braces, designed for people who are conscious of their looks and teeth.
  • For people who want to actively improve the condition of their teeth, how they look, without wanting to compromise on looking what they think- weird or bad during the treatment phase.
  • Invisalign treatment duration is usually decided during the assessment period where the orthodontist or dentist studies your teeth.

Why opt for the Invisalign Treatment?

  • Invisalign braces treatment deals with a major portion of all the problems regular braces can deal with, while only giving a fraction of the problems that comes with using braces.
  • It’s quite difficult to clean regular braces, or even trays. However, Invisalign braces have their own cleaning system. They can be cleaned in rinse trays with Luke warm water.
  • Invisalign treatment duration is often lower than regular braces, yet they are better equipped to deal with almost all complex issues with ease.
  • Invisalign technology is relatively new and thus, Invisalign braces treatment cost somewhat on the higher side as opposed to regular braces. However, its pros outweigh this one particular con.
  • The most attractive benefit of using Invisalign braces treatment is that they are transparent. They aim to ‘invisibly align’ your teeth while not giving you the stress of wearing braces in the public.


The only main difference between braces and Invisalign treatment is that one requires discipline and the will to wear it every day. Only then they can achieve their desired target of having perfectly aligned teeth. Often, even when people get regular braces, they wear it very less since they aren’t comfortable with it, or are in the public most of the time.

With Invisalign braces treatment however, that won’t be a problem since their transparent design won’t distract people from what you were saying and won’t make you conscious of what you are looking like in the public. With this newfound spirit, soon you will be willing enough to smile confidently in front of other people with Invisalign braces treatment.

Due to the nature of this technology and the Invisalign braces cost; many duplicate products have cropped up on the market. These duplicate products are using the same concept of keeping invisible braces in their adverts but they have poorer quality and not the same benefits of an actual Invisalign braces treatment. One such source for getting fitted with the genuine Invisalign braces technology is Dr. Richard Eidelson at Open your Mouth. He is one of the best dentists in Philadelphia and with over 25 years of experience, he can guarantee a safe and satisfactory treatment.

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