Smile Makeover in Lower Manhattan, Downtown NYC

A smile makeover is a personalized service from an expert cosmetic dentist. The best cosmetic dentist in SoHo offers a wide variety of treatment options and keeps your smile makeover cost in line with your budget. More than that, your dentist first takes care of the underlying health of your teeth and gums. At your initial consultation, you and your dentist develop a treatment plan so you know what to expect and how the procedures will change your smile for the better. Look no further than Sohosmile for the best functional and cosmetic care.

The purpose of a smile makeover is to make you feel more comfortable and natural when you smile at the world. Putting your best look forward raises your self-esteem and provides you with greater opportunities, both personally and professionally. And if you want to improve your smile, you have to go to the most skilled dentist you can find.

While every cosmetic dentist offers a smile makeover, you should look for a dentist with extensive training in general dentistry and full mouth reconstruction, as well as cosmetic procedures. A dentist like Dr. John Koutsoyiannis at Sohosmile knows that the best-looking smile has its foundation in healthy teeth and gums.

Dr. John is willing to do more than just place veneers  on your teeth and call it a makeover. While he has expertise in making dental veneers, he offers a full range of options for making your smile its best, from teeth whitening to porcelain crowns.

Methods Used for Your Smile Makeover

If you’re looking for a higher standard of care, your SoHo cosmetic dentist has several procedures in his toolbox to make your smile makeover a lasting success. Depending on your goals and your needs, you may choose a simple procedure that can be done in an afternoon or a series of steps that may take months to complete. Your choices include:

Your smile makeover cost depends entirely on the procedure or number of procedures you and your dentist decide to do. Your cosmetic dentist makes the most of your smile while respecting your budget.

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