Many of us are very health conscious these days and think twice about the food we eat. But we probably don’t think as much of what food does to our teeth. For this you will visit your dentist with the fear that he/she will restrict you from having your favourite food. But you probably also didn’t know that many of your favourite foods are very good for your teeth and oral health.

Green tea- Green tea contains catechins that kill bacteria.











Celery- Celery is crunchy and mainly consists of water. Chewing on celery stimulates salivary flow cleansing gums and teeth.


Cheese- Cheese is rich in phosphorous and calcium which help maintain the pH balance in the mouth.



Water- Swishing water in the mouth helps to wash away food debris and stimulate saliva to keep your mouth hydrated.


Shiitake mushrooms -  Shiitake mushrooms contains lentanin which is a naturally occurring sugar and prevent formation of plaque.


Foods rich in vitamin C- Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen which helps in repairs of gums and surrounding tissues.


Vitamin K – Vitamin K acts as a shield as it helps block the substances that break down the bone. It also helps your body to produce osteocalcin, a protein that supports bone strength.


Vitamin A- Vitamin A keeps mucous membrane healthy. It prevents dry mouth and also helps your mouth heal quickly. Foods that contain Vit A are pumpkins, carrots, and sweet potato, etc


Calcium –Calcium is well known for being useful to teeth. Calcium hardens enamel and strengthen your jawbone



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