The Path to Visitor Conversion

If you think that the pinnacle of your online success is getting your dental website to the very top of the search engine results pages, then think again. Your entire goal of being online is so that you can get prospects online and then convert them into paying patients with the help of your dental website.


What is conversion?


The entire process of conversion begins the moment that someone visits your dental website up to a point when he or she calls your dental office, inquires about your services, schedules an appointment and finally drops in for the first meeting.


If you want to make actual money from your online marketing campaign, you need to be able to pass through that seemingly high barrier and get a visitor to come into your brick-and-mortal dental clinic as a paying patient. But how do you start converting visitors?


The window period.


If you want to convert visitors, then you have to make your move from the very moment that someone lands into your website and make sure that before they click the “home” button, you have already convinced them or at least made them interested in calling you and asking about your services. And sometimes, that entire plan is easier said than done. Here are some of the bumps that you can have along the way:


High bounce rates. When your dental website has high bounce rates, this means that visitors are leaving your website as fast as they get to it. Even though your dental website may rank higher in the search engine results pages, if it also has a high bounce rate, all of your search engine optimization efforts are in vain.


Some of the factors for why you may have high bounce rates include not having compelling enough content, having an amateurish looking website or maybe your website is just downright misleading. You need to address all these factors if you want visitors to stay long enough on your website for you to convince them on calling your office up.


If your dental website does not offer enough information about your services or the whereabouts of your clinic, then visitors may want to look for a different dental website which can deliver on those counts. At the same time, if your site looks like it was built by a third grader and not commissioned by a reputable and competent dentist, then that could be another turn off.

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