Flaws in the teeth can make your life miserable. It can jolt your self-confidence too, as you will be lacking that beautiful smile that everyone prefers. Often, little flaws in the teeth can lead to the above problem. Teeth discoloration is the most common, and irritating issue for us.


Teeth whitening can be the ideal solution to address the problems of teeth discoloration. Often, in desperation to get the dazzling white smile, you try products that promise whiter teeth, without understanding its side effects. In this article, we introduce you to the vital points that you should know before you consider whitening your teeth.

The strength of teeth-whitening products is not the same

The teeth-whitening products like strips, gels, gel trays, and so on the aim to restore the enamel of the tooth. All the above products clean the accumulated dirt and debris, with the help of an active ingredient hydrogen peroxide.

The said ingredient triggers oxygen molecules reacts with the stain and eventually removes them. The strength of hydrogen peroxide can drastically vary. Thus, it is advisable consulting a dentist for knowing the best product. You can check https://boutiquedental.co.nz/treatments/teeth-whitening for more information on this aspect.

Teeth sensitivity is a factor to consider

Another reason that makes the consultation of an experienced dentist indispensable is sensitivity in the teeth. Naturally, each one of us has different lifestyles, and accordingly, it affects dental health. While going for teeth whitening, some people can experience varying side effects. Thus, picking the wrong product can cause irritation, instead of the desired result.

Get the facts right

Some individuals believe, teeth whitening products can damage the enamel. Though it is untrue, still you should not leave the teeth whitening products for a longer period. You must follow the directions and use them accordingly for the best results.

Teeth whitening are not for everyone

On pursuit of that million-dollar smile, you should take into account certain factors. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, adolescents who still have baby teeth should not go for this procedure. Additionally, individuals dealing with gum diseases and sensitive teeth should also refrain from whitening their teeth. Remember, teeth whiteners are ineffective in changing the colors of dental crowns, fillings or dead teeth.

Whitening is not permanent

Your dentist will probably confirm the above statement. Owing to their experience, the dentists will suggest the best products and introduce you to their workability. It might sound unbelievable, but many people do not know the proper brushing techniques, and it leads to such stains. By changing the brushing technique, you can expect white teeth. Nevertheless, whichever whitening product you use, it will have a limited time frame.  The period can be a few months or years, but you will have to redo it to retain the whiteness all over again. 

Sensitivity is unpredictable

Not even the best dentists can speculate the degree of sensitivity and pain you may experience after trying a specific whitening treatment. As already mentioned, the teeth whitening procedures and the ingredients will differ depending on the condition, the outcome will also vary for that reason.

Dentists sometimes suggest applying a desensitizing gel before trying the teeth whitening products. They may even prescribe pain medications like ibuprofen too. Certain toothpastes contain such desensitizing agents, fluoride toothpaste for instance. If you experience tooth sensitivity recurrently, you should take a break and use the teeth whitening products at a gap of three to four days. Anyways, the discomfort (sensitivity) will be temporary.

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