Can drive u crazy

A toothache is something many of us have dealt with or may deal with in future and therefore it is always advisable to have complete knowledge about it

Knowing what is causing a toothache is the first step towards getting treatment

Toothaches may not sound serious but dental pain is one of the worst pain you could be struck with%% pain fact

Depending upon the severity, toothache could be mild, moderate or severe. Sometimes it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the pain

Often toothaches lead to sleepless nights and tired mornings. You might experience a swelling or discharge from an infected tooth or gum. Pain while chewing is a common phenomenon and some people develop a fever and headache as well


What are the causes of a tooth ache?

Tooth decay – deep cavities can cause tooth pain

Tooth fracture – can cause a sharp pain while chewing. It may or may not be visible and can be detected by making an x ray

Abcess – long standing infection may lead to pus discharge from the infected tooth

Damaged filling – an incomplete chipped off filling might expose the inner surfaces of the tooth giving rise to severe tooth pain

Impacted wisdom tooth – Partially or fully impacted wisdom teeth cause immense pain which can radiate to your ears?

Teeth grinding / clenching – Subconsciously grinding and clenching your teeth at night or during a habit may cause toothache and further on may lead to TMJ problems


Fortunately your dentist may have a solution to most of your problems. As the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine , it is always advisable to visit your dentist immediately if you experience any kinf of pain and discomfort .

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