Cookies, pies, candy and a host of other sweets seem to be everywhere during the holiday season. If you add in hectic schedules, grabbing something to eat on the run becomes the norm, which can cause your teeth to suffer before the season ends. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Dental Tips

If you use a few of the following tips, you can still enjoy your bright smile once the holidays end:

  1. Avoid Hard and Chewy Candies
    Candy canes, hard peppermints and chewy caramels all tend to cling to teeth long after the bulk of the candy is gone. It’s important to avoid these treats, even though it may be tough.

  2. Drink Water
    Sodas are full of tooth-decaying sugar. Tea, coffee and wine — especially red wines — can also stain your teeth. You should opt for water whenever possible.

  3. Eat Your Fill of Turkey and Veggies
    Turkey contains phosphorus and protein, and veggies contain a multitude of vitamins that are all good for tooth health.

  4. Watch Stocking Contents
    Instead of filling a stocking with candy and treats, try filling it with toys, fruits and a special toothbrush!

  5. Hum a Carol
    Try humming your favorite Christmas carol as you brush, and don’t stop brushing until it ends!

  6. Pair Cheese and Alcohol
    Cheese neutralizes the acid in most alcoholic beverages, making the acid less tooth-damaging.

  7. Stock up on Fruit
    This will help curb your sweet tooth and provide additional nutrients.

  8. Eat on a Schedule
    Instead of nibbling all day, try eating at regular times and giving your teeth a rest between meals.

  9. Use Scissors
    Avoid using your teeth to open packages.

  10. Create Non-Food Centered Activities 
    Caroling, making a snowman, or playing board games are all family activities that help avoid food and save your smile.

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  • Thanks for sharing these useful tips. Healthy food is necessary to maintain oral health.

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