While the concept and capability to offer same day restorations with a
chairside CAD CAM system has been around for nearly 25 years, it
hasn't been until the new generations of systems (E4D Dentist System, CEREC
AC Bluecam) that the true potential and ease of use have been realized for
the clinician and dental assistant. Creating metal-free restorations with
no compromise in form, fit and function in a single appointment or even two
appointments provides every dental professional and dental practice
incredible benefits. I use the E4D Dentist system in my practice for a
variety of indications selecting from a variety of high strength ceramic
materials (IPS Empress, IPS e.max CAD) to provide my patients with unequaled
service and convenience. Patients are amazed at the change in dentistry
that is taking place and no longer dread the long temporary phase or making
another appointment weeks from the first.

Once you have become confident in your use of the technology and proficiency
in the system, you can offer your patients beautiful restorations on
anterior and posterior teeth. Taking time to custom stain and glaze can provide
the results shown here in as little as 2 hours.

If you haven't looked at chairside CAD CAM dentistry firsthand in the last
few months you haven't looked at chairside CAD CAM dentistry. Do yourself,
your patients and your bottom line a favor and check them out. It isn't a
matter of if you will incoporate it but simply when.

James M. Stein D.M.D.

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  • Great cases and comments! Glad to see that digital dentistry is alive and well in Boston.
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