Vintage Smile Family Dentistry

Vintage Smile Family Dentistry
Quality dental care and treatment are not luxuries but necessities. Therefore, we want to ensure all of our patients get the best and top-of-the-line experience. Vintage Smile Family Dentistry is at your service. We will preserve your oral health and ensure that any possible oral health issues are prevented before they get severe. Choosing us will be one of the best decisions you will make for your oral health care.

Our Facilities

Preventive Dentistry

We believe that care and prevention are the best cure for any disease. Therefore, we heavily focus on ensuring that no issue regarding your oral or dental health gets the chance to escalate to severity. If you get regular checkups from us, you will never have to worry about any surprises regarding your oral health.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you want to improve the cosmetic look of your teeth, then you are at the right website. Whether your teeth are out of alignment or just do not look good, we have your back. You can count on us to make your teeth far more attractive than ever.

Orthodontics Dentistry

Patients who have any problem directly with their teeth are treated with special care at our clinic. We know that dealing with dental pain is not easy. Hence, we take extra precautions regarding their treatment. Whether the patient suffers from tooth decay, abscess, or other problems, we are well prepared to treat them.

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency patients will always be a priority. Our staff and doctors have special training to deal with such cases. They know what to do if a patient comes in with a dental emergency. These patients never have to wait. They can directly go to the ER. The regular patients may have to wait until the emergency care is over. However, the waiting area will make your stay comfortable, and another doctor will be with you in a few minutes.

Clinic Tour

The clinic is at an ideal location and is easy to reach for anyone living in Houston, TX. The street address is "10300 Louetta Rd Ste 132." The office has several rooms with one dental chair in each room. A full counter reception and a large open waiting area.

Our Doctors

Dr. Kapadia or Dr. K has been practicing dentistry since 2018. He earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the Lake Erie College of Dental Medicine.Name: Vintage Smile Family DentistryAddress: 10300 Louetta Rd Ste 132, Houston, TX 77070Phone: (281) 251-7770Working Hours:Monday  10AM – 6PMTuesday  10AM – 6PMWednesday  10AM – 6PMThursday  10AM – 6PMFriday  10AM – 6PMSaturday  10AM – 4PMSunday  ClosedLocation:
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