Virtual Office And Post Covid Dentistry

One of the most common childhood nightmares was going to the dentist. Who would not understand it? You have to sit in a huge chair by all-seeing light. You have to endure that someone looks inside and pokes around in your mouth using edgy and frightening devices. And finally, when the torture is over, that same someone tells you not to eat your favorite sweets and brush your teeth regularly. 

Besides, the first nylon bristle toothbrush was put on the market less than 80 years ago. That means people were driving cars before they were using an effective toothbrush. But dentistry grew and advanced to such a greater pace that we are at cloud dental solutions and virtual offices.

Teledentistry is quickly becoming a popular option for dentists seeking to stay open and see emergency dental patients during the coronavirus outbreak. While it’s hard to predict what dental technology will look like down the road, one thing is certain: The future's looking bright, just like a healthy smile. 

Dentists can perform virtual dental consultations for patients both in their geographic area and outside of it. Dentists can also sign up with The TeleDentists to have emergency dental patients forwarded to their practice. Another dentist may be the one that performs the remote dental consultation and recommends the patient get seen quickly, and then The TeleDentists receptionist will provide the patient with the contact information for a dentist in the patient’s demographics.

Dental consultants are adapting online platforms and upgrading their services to the latest practice management software. Since the prevalent situation requires safety and a lot of awareness hence to keep the dentistry on running the entire system is made “TOUCH-FREE”. Starting from setting expectations for patients, ensuring patients remember their appointment and understand your new check-in procedure, communicating with patients when they show up for their visit, walking a patient back for their visit, and payment through online gateways its all taken care of virtually. 

Setting up the best customer experience possible through Virtual Office implementation which saves expense over the help desk employees and safety concerns.  

The main features to expect from Virtual Office package is:

Online Scheduling

The patients will be provided the provision to  Schedule appointments, reschedule. The automated system will send patients reminders, track missed appointments, and much more in one interface.

Online Forms

The process is digitalized and flexible, It also Saves paper, saves money. Welcoming the new age of paperless practice.

Pay by Text

Text to pay, also known as an SMS payment, is a payment solution that allows consumers to make a payment via texting on their smartphones. This process can make a seamless experience for both your customer’s business as well as for their clients.


Post consultation the prescriptions will be sent across to the patient making the entire system fast and effortless.

Virtual Office can be one of the most cost-effective solutions to get a premium office address without having to pay for hefty deposits, bills, and maintenance expenses of a regular office.


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