Ways on how to repair receding gums.

When the roots of the teeth are exposed giving the teeth a higher risk of decaying, the situation is called gum recession. If not taken care of early enough, it may result to loss of teeth.  Gum recession can be prevented by taking care of your teeth properly. Some of the causes of gum recession are:

  • Poor oral hygiene is the greatest contributor as it is a fertile breeding site for bacteria thus tearing the gums.
  • Use of tobacco and heavy smoking often gives rise to gum irritation and finally leading to gum recession.
  • If the teeth are not aligned properly, they bring about abnormal forces on the gum thus resulting to gum recession.

When you visit a Las Vegas dentist, you will be advised on two major ways of repairing the receding gums. These are the surgery procedure and the natural home remedies. in order to come up with the right option, it depends on the cause of the gum recession and also the extent of the damage. Surgery procedure is considered if the surgery has gone beyond the measures. For surgery procedures there are several options that the dentist can use. Below are some of the surgery procedures that are recommended.

The tissue regeneration.

This procedure id recommendable if the bone that supports the teeth is destroyed. This procedure helps in enhancing the growth of both the gum and the bone. When the surgery is conducted, a fabric is fixed between the gum and the teeth in order to prevent the gum from growing in some of the unwanted areas.

Laser dentistry.

In this procedure, just as the name suggests, it is basically the use of laser to reduce the bacteria as well as sterilize them. This helps a lot in ensuring that the gum grows. It is an easy procedure but it is performed by only a few certified dentists.

The use of pedicle grafting.

Here, a part of the gum that needs treatment is taken and pulled over in order to cover the area that is exposed. In this procedure, it is required that the dentist should leave a part of the gum attached in order to support the teeth. If you have a lot of gum around the affected tooth, then this is the best procedure for you.

Apart from the above surgical procedures, there are natural tips that can be used to treat receding gums if the damage is not extensive. These natural tips are easy to follow as all you need is to observe proper oral hygiene, ensure that you see your dentist regularly in order to detect and treat any situation before it becomes worse.Stop smoking and chewing of tobacco that otherwise brings about the gum irritation, etc.

By observing the above tips, you can be assured that you will not only prevent gum recession but you will also have perfect oral health.

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  • It is true that receding gums are cause for bad oral issues. Therefore, it is important to keep dental hygiene in order, at same time routine consultation with the dentists has to be carried out from time to time.
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