Lost a tooth??? Getting all tensed??? Well don’t be as you can get your tooth replaced through one of the many ways listed below…

1)           Removable partial dentures…

This denture can replace one or many missing teeth and is removable.  It does not need any tooth preparation and also it’s the most economic option. Similarly a full denture can replace all the missing teeth.

2)           Bridges…

This is an option when there is teeth present on either side of the missing tooth. A bridge is a fixed solution and it remains cemented in the mouth. This method involves preparation of adjacent teeth that is cutting and trimming of tooth.



3)           Implants…

Implants are the greatest way to replace a missing tooth. It almost replicates natural tooth while smiling, eating or brushing. In this method there is no need to alter any adjacent teeth and the actual root of the missing tooth is replaced by implant into the bone and healed for few months then the abutment is placed onto which the crown is cemented.


 4)           Temporary dentures…


This is used only for a short period of time when the missing tooth is about to be restored with a bridge or implant in the future but the site is yet to be healed. There is no alteration of the surrounding teeth and it’s almost like a removable partial denture.


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