Bleeding gums is a phenomenon experienced at least once in a person’s life. It could be because of Gum inflammation and can cause swelling, redness, tenderness, and sometimes pain as well. Gum inflammation is a sign of an early onset of either gingivitis or periodontitis.

It is very necessary to identify the cause of bleeding gums in order to help you eliminate it.

1 ) Practise good oral hygiene –  it is very important to practise good oral hygiene which comprises of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing as well

2 ) Use of mouthwash ­­–  Your mouth, most of the times is teeming with bacteria. Germs love moist and dark places with lots of carbs and sugars to snack on and your mouth provides the perfect environment for it to thrive. Using a mouthwash not only reduces or eliminates bacteria but also reverses gingivitis.

3 ) Reduce stress – stress can cause us to ignore our oral hygiene and also negatively impact our immune system which weakens the gums leading to gum infections.

4 ) Stop smoking – smoking weakens your body’s immune system and makes it difficult for your mouth to fight off plaque and bacteria. Tobacco causes gum diseases, loosening of supporting structures of teeth and over-all disintegration of oral health and rapid tooth decay. Smoking causes massive tooth damage and therefore it is necessary to quit smoking.

5 ) Increase your intake of Vitamin C and K – Vit C strengthens your immune system and the tissues in your mouth. Vit K helps in blood clotting and also decreases bleeding gums.

6 ) Opt for a healthy diet- eating fewer carbs a day prevents bleeding gums as carbs tend to accumulate into plaque and diminishes gum health.

7 ) Rinse with salt water – Rinsing your mouth with salt water is as important as consuming water. A mixture of warm water cleanses your mouth, reduces bacteria and also aids in maintaining a good oral hygiene.

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