Dealing with wisdom teeth removal is not that easy especially if they make their presence known with pain and swelling. It can be very painful, so you have to make sure that you know what to do when they start coming out. The best thing is that you can regularly take a visit to a Dentist near me and can have a painless removal of those teeth.


The upper and the lower third molar are called your wisdom teeth. These are situated at the exceptionally back of the mouth. And also they are the last teeth that surface in the mouth. They for the most part show up between the ages of 17 and 24. Many people have wisdom teeth for their entire life. Nevertheless, many people opt for getting it removed. Some people have it removed even before they break through the gums.




The following are the reasons why most dentists will recommend wisdom teeth extraction if you experience any of the following conditions.


1. The teeth do not fit

Generally, people have 28 teeth, and it has decent room and space. These natural teeth emerge before the wisdom teeth have enough space. Four wisdom teeth plus 28 become 32 teeth in total. Now, these 32 teeth try to fit into your jaw. When your jaw is not big enough to accommodate more than 28 teeth the wisdom teeth become impacted. Impacted in a way that they are sometimes not able to erupt completely or because of the less space available, they get misaligned. In such a situation, there is a need for Tooth Extraction Near Me by a dentist so that other teeth are not impacted and can grow properly.


2. Pain in gums near the wisdom tooth

The pain near the gum area where the wisdom tooth has to emerge indicates that there is partial eruption and infection has taken place. Because of the infection, the pain is caused. When bacteria and food particles are trapped in these areas, it results in disease which is also referred to as pericoronitis. Under such a situation removing the tooth is the best option to prevent more painful infection in the area.


3. Misaligned eruption

Sometimes it does happen that the tooth which is supposed to erupt straight comes out sideways. It creates problems for the teeth adjoining the erupted teeth. There are chances that the teeth nearby also get damaged. Again the solution is to get it removed by an expert emergency dentist.




4. Development of a cyst

This happens when the sac near the tooth is filled with fluid, in such a situation it could ruin the surrounding structure like other teeth and bones. However, it's a rare case if this cyst remains untreated could result in the development of a tumor that requires a more intense surgical procedure.


Hence, the above mentioned are some conditions that require Tooth Extraction. For the best and effective treatment do visit our website where the dentist will provide the best ways for your tooth removal problems. 


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