What are the main causes of teeth Staining?


Teeth whitening is a  type of procedure designed to remove any stain. It helps to give you pearly white teeth to obtain a beautiful enhancing smile. It involves chemical agents to break down the stain to lighten the teeth. Usually, people undergo the process due to aesthetic reasons as the appearance of stained teeth makes their smile defective.

However, the purpose of the treatment may differ from person to person such as intrinsic staining. Tetracycline staining, etc. 

Stains are a kind of discoloration developed on the surface of teeth. Its formation decides the intensity of the stains. If you have tooth discoloration, you should consult a Professional Teeth Whitening manhattan.  



Moreover, stains can be categorized into two forms:


Extrinsic stains: 


This type of stain is very common and is formed on the external surface of the tooth. These kinds of stains form due to extensive consumption of certain types of food and beverages such as tea, coffee, cola, etc. Also, bad habits including chewing tobacco, smoking, and consumption of alcohol are the main reasons for external stains.

Intrinsic Stains:


Intrinsic stains mainly occur when the tooth is being developed. Intrinsic stains are considered those stains that are impossible to remove through mechanical means such as debridement prophylactic stain removal.

Causes of Staining:


  • Frequent consumption of sugary and acidic foods such as coffee, cola, tea and re wine, etc.
  • When you don’t maintain oral hygiene properly and it results in staining and building up of calculus.
  • Smoking and frequent chewing of tobacco.


But other reasons may affect tooth color with passing age and time. The color of teeth can be defined by the thickness of the enamel as when you grow old, the enamel becomes thinner. And the thinner enamel produces the impression of yellow teeth that can be considered as staining.

Fortunately, dentistry has solutions to these problems, you can consult your  Teeth Whitening manhattan to know the better options for the treatment.


The procedure of Teeth Whitening:


 The dentist will examine your teeth deeply and explain to you about further treatment. The professional will also make sure that your gums are healthy so that the treatment can be started. 

During the procedure, the dentist will clean your teeth first. After that, he/she will place a rubber shield to protect your gums from bleaching agents. Then, he/she will implement the hydrogen peroxide onto your teeth. The treatment may take thirty to ninety minutes to complete depending on the method and your condition of the teeth.


There are other kinds of procedures available for teeth whitening involving Non-vital whitening and Vital whitening. 


Non-vital whitening is used when you have a root canal treatment as root canal treated teeth may cause intrinsic staining. The dentists use Teeth Bleaching Near Me manhattan to remove the stains and after getting the desired tooth color, they seal the tooth with a composite filling.  


Vital whitening is done on natural and healthy teeth. During the procedure, a professional applies a bleaching solution onto the tooth surface to get your teeth brightened.  


Teeth Bleaching Cost manhattan


The cost of the teeth whitening in the office may range from $650 to $1,000. Also, it may depend on the type of product used in the process.

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