Removable retainers are made up of transparent plastic sheets to cover your teeth accurately. They provide a tight fit to your teeth that help to stop teeth from moving back to their old position. Retainers will work, benefiting your teeth, but you must continuously wear them day and night for atleast 2 or 3 months. After this, your dentist will ask you to wear them only at night. You have to wear them even if you take good care of them, for atleast 10 years you have to wear them. 


This will make sure that you get the smile that you always wanted. Your so much patience during the treatment should be worth it, so wearing retainers is a must. Wearing retainers is recommended after the treatment of braces. Teeth can move again, so retainers help the teeth stay in position. The best orthodontist near me will recommend you wear a retainer to maintain your straight smile. 



Reasons why your dentist asks you to change the retainer:


  • Damage to the Retainer


Even the retainer can get damaged, so your dentist will consider removing the retainer. Your retainer can also damage when you chew or bite hard foods, and tear and wear can cause wires to break or damage the device you have in your mouth. 


Once your teeth move from their place, you will know that your retainer is damaged and broken. Visit your dentist for regular checkups if your retainer is broken or damaged. If the dentist notices any damage to the retainer, your orthodontist may suggest removing the permanent retainer and placing a new one.


  • A buildup of Calculus on Teeth


The retainer wires attach to the back part of your teeth, so there are chances that calculus or tartar can deposit there quickly up on the retainer wires. 


The buildup of plaque, bacteria, and tartar around the retainer wire can damage your teeth and gums. So, it is necessary to maintain good oral hygiene and also make appointments with your dentist for regular checkups.


  • Finishing The Treatment


Once you have worn the retainer for enough time, your dentist may advise you to remove the retainer. 


Your North Miami Beach orthodontist will ensure that you no more need the retainers. Many people wear retainers for years. Your dentist may recommend you remove the permanent retainers and wear the removable retainer at night.


  • Pain in Your Mouth


The retainers ensure that your teeth don’t move back into their position. If your orthodontic treatment is complete, you may experience a little discomfort. If the pain continues, your dentist will recommend other options. 



Also, make sure that the orthodontist in Hollywood removes your retainer so that your teeth are not damaged while removing retainers. Your oral care dentist will remove the bonding adhesive from your teeth. Talk to your dentist if pain or discomfort occurs. 


In Conclusion:


Don’t miss your regular checkups, and report any discomfort caused by your treatment. Schedule an appointment with your orthodontic specialist of Florida and discuss the best treatment for your oral health, including removing your retainer. Contact and visit now for more information. 


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