Many patients suffering from tooth decay also suffer from tooth sensitivity due to enamel loss, which can also be significantly improved by the placement of dental fillings.


Tooth decay is caused by acids made by bacteria in the mouth while eating into tooth structures. These acids are consumed from the sugars in food particles left on teeth.


What is the tooth filling

A filling seals the hole caused by decay, preventing bacteria or cavities from forming in a tooth. This helps treat tooth decay, preventing further damage, loss, and possible pain and infection.


A dental filling can help even out the tooth's surface and improve the jawbone's function for biting and chewing. Many patients with tooth decay also suffer from this problem, which can also be significantly improved with the placement of a dental filling.


 What is the process of tooth cavity filling?

Generally, a dental filling takes an hour, though a simple filling can take as few as 20 minutes. Many dental offices now have the technology to make onlays and inlays in one appointment. However, multiple fillings and large fillings can take longer.


The first step in the dental filling procedure is administering a local anesthetic. This numbs the area around the affected tooth, increasing the patient's comfort throughout the procedure.


This numbness affects the tooth as the dentist removes decayed material. The area is then cleaned and dried before the filling material is applied. Fillings have a putty-like texture, allowing dentists to mold them as needed. They typically become hardened when exposed to air or saliva.


After having a filling, a person may experience mild sensitivity or discomfort. Anyone who experiences more significant pain or sensitivity or signs of an infection, such as a fever or swelling, should contact their dentist.


The type of tooth filling

Amalgam, gold, composite, and glass ionomer are different types of fillings. Patients should first discuss the options with their dentist.


1. Silver amalgam:

This is the most common and widely used tooth gap filling. It is a mixture of silver and other minerals, such as copper and mercury. This mixture is highly flexible, which makes it easy for dentists to use. Silver amalgam is also widely popular because it is much cheaper than other kinds of filling. However, Silver amalgam is still one of the best choices for permanent tooth fillings.


2. Gold

Gold fillings, also known as onlays or inlays, are generally the most expensive filling materials due to the high cost of gold and the additional laboratory work required, depending on the cavity's size, shape, and location.


Gold fillings have become less common in recent years due to advances in more cost-efficient technologies, such as composites and silver amalgam.


3. Composite

The most popular factor for teeth gap filling is composite fillings, made of resin and moisture in the bonding process. The filling can acquire the color of the natural teeth and look different from the others.

This is pocket-friendly. Dentists might recommend this type to people looking for a temporary and affordable solution for dental fillings.


4. Glass ionomer

If you want a suitable front tooth filling treatment for your children, glass ionomer fillings may be the best option. They are made by mixing glass and acrylic.


This dental filling protects kids' teeth by forming an additional layer, preventing them from further decaying. However, the glass ionomer does not look natural and has a resin-like appearance.


How much does a tooth filling cost

How much does a tooth filling cost? Medicare does not cover the cost of most dental procedures because different patients have different situations. Dental fillings are affordable and efficient, but prices vary depending on the patient.


The dental filling cost depends on the location and condition of the mouth, the material used, and the size of the cavity.



If you suffer from tooth decay, you should visit the dentist now. Many types of tooth cavity filling options are available, and the dentist will help you find the best one for your concerns.


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