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What is the wisdom tooth?

In the primary stage, the human body is blessed with two sets of molars. But the third set of molars, which is known as wisdom teeth, comes out in the teen or the mature age. Previously, it had a large utility in the human body. It was usually developed to tear the uncooked or semi-cooked course meals. But with time and due to evolution human physics and the food habit both had undergone a severe change. 

Gradually, the third set of molars lost their utility and became an unwanted and additional part of the mouth. Besides the change in the food habits, the evolution changed the shape and space in the mouth also. After that, it became hard to accommodate the additional molars inside the mouth, and it also started causing many oral health problems.




What problems cause the third molar's extraction?

As the molars face accommodation problems in the mouth, it starts to create oral disorders that cause immense pain in the mouth. These menaces can lead us to wisdom tooth extraction with the help of orthodontic treatment.


Upsets the gum

First of all, it upsets the gum with tremendous pain at the time of the eruption. The borders of the facial bone and the gum are usually harder than the rest of the gum. And the third molars try to come out throughout those harder borderlines. The eruption becomes difficult due to the hardness and the lack of space on the other side.


Dental shifting

There are times when the growth of wisdom teeth takes the position of the existing teeth by making the shift. According to problems in orthodontics, it is not good for dental and oral health. At the same time, it harms the dental condition of both teeth. In this situation, medical help is required to fix the problem like before.




Infection and cyst formation

In many cases, the menace with wisdom teeth does not abound with only the eruption. Instead, it takes a sudden turn into the infection and the cyst formation at the place of the eruption. Thus, it makes a move to a more severe problem, and the pain also gets an addition. Such situations cause a dental emergency tooth extraction to remove the cause of the problem as soon as possible.


When will the removal become necessary?

The necessity of the removal of the third molars depends on their position, condition, and level of pain. Excessive pain is not good for the overall health, especially, if the pain is accompanied by an infection. Therefore, considering the situation and urgency, the dental surgeon must decide on the removal. It is better to take care of the following points before the dental extraction-

  • The surgeon you appoint must be well qualified.
  • Experience in dental surgeries makes the process comparatively painless.
  • The center you opt for should have the emergency staff for helping the patients in case of urgency. 


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