What Can Happen If You Don't Replace Veneers?

When you place dental veneers, make sure that you replace them on time, it is a must to replace them. If not replaced, the dental veneers wear out after a few years and can cause dental issues.


The average lifespan of a veneer is 10 years. If you take good care of them, they might last even 20 years. Not replacing them can be a poor idea; poor care may reduce their lifespan. Contact general dentistry services to replace your dental veneers.


If you do not replace them, you may have to face side effects, and they are:


Side Effects Of Dental Veneers:


Crack and chipped veneers

Dental Veneers are made of composite or porcelain. They are strong enough but can begin to deteriorate and even crack after some time. The tooth holding the veneer can develop decay if you do not replace them.



The veneer may remain firm and intact even if the underlying tooth has damage. But over time, it might start splitting from the tooth, which traps food particles between the tooth and the veneer. The result can be dental decay. To maintain a beautiful smile, visit Cosmetic Dentist Cypress Tx to replace your dental veneers soon if you notice them cracked or chipped.


Stained veneer

Composite veneers are not stain-resistant, so if you choose them, there is a probability that they might stain. So replacing dental veneers is essential because if you don't replace them, your dental veneers will stop giving you a bright white smile.


Move out from the tooth surface.

Dental veneers with good care can last for more than 20 years but cannot last forever. The dental veneers, at some point, may become loose, and not replacing them will be a wrong choice as they might fall over at any time.


Porcelain veneers can lose their luster.

Not changing your porcelain veneers after some time may cause them to lose their whiteness and light-reflecting features, look artificial, and be noticed easily. So replace them with time. Visit your cypress tx dentist to replace yours.


They're Changing Colors

One sign that you need to replace your dental veneers is a change in their color. They may lose their color and turn to a darker hue over time. The cement that holds your dental veneers in place changes the color. Over time, the cement will turn into a naturally darker color.




Over time dental veneers may damage, maybe scratched, or be chipped.

Similar to how veneers can become worn and scratched, they can also become damaged, including cracks and chips. Any sign of damage on your dental veneers means you must replace them.


There is decay in the underlying tooth.

Even when veneers cover the entire front surface, your teeth are still exposed to decay. In addition, bacteria might get between the dental veneer and the tooth if it isn't fitted tightly enough. Dental Veneers can become loose and start to separate themselves when teeth with veneers deteriorate.



Replacing a dental veneer is the same procedure as when your dentist installs them. The bonding agent will be rubbed off, and your dentist in Houston 77084 will take a mold of your teeth and replace the old one with the new one. Get a new smile by replacing your dental veneers on time.


Contact the general dentistry office if you want to replace your dental veneers.


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