What is Dental suction system?

What is Dental suction system?

Dental suction system: Brief Definition

Dental aspiration is an essential component of any dental clinic or practice. Its primary function is to reduce or eliminate cross contamination between patient and dentist via motors and aspiration system.

This aspiration is realized when the radius of the cloud of microorganisms is less than 30cm, which is smaller than the distance between the professional and the patient.

The aspirator is a tube responsible for sucking saliva from the patient's oral cavity. It is made up of a cannula, a tube or tube of rubber and a cannula.

How the dental chair aspiration method works

There are two types: dry suction and wet suction.

The wet suction system does not require the use of air-liquid separators in dental equipment. Both liquids and air are taken to dental suction systems. The suction motor operates in dry conditions, but this device also has an air-water separator. This is more efficient than the one that is usually found in dental equipment and ensures that no liquid reaches it. The liquids are sent into a drain, which must be placed in engine room.

Dry suction is named after the process of air-liquid separation in dental equipment using a centrifugal separator or decanting separator. All liquid is then taken to a drain, which must be located underneath each unit of the clinic.

We need to separate the liquid from each piece of equipment. However, drainage is not required in the machine room.

Before you equip your clinic with a dental aspiration system, here are some things to know.

When equipping your clinic for a dental aspiration system, the first thing you should do is determine if you prefer a dry suction system or a wet one.

It is important to maintain your aspiration system once you have purchased it. To avoid unpleasant odors, the system should be cleaned daily with a disinfectant.

You should also be aware of the new European regulations regarding the amalgam separator. All dental clinics must now separate the amalgam from the dental aspiration by January 2019. ANCAR makes it easy to find appliances with the amalgam separator already installed.

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