What Is The Procedure For Deep Cleaning Of Teeth?

Do you know What is deep cleaning teeth? 


Deep cleaning is a procedure including two processes root scaling and root planing. Deep cleaning is not a regular dental cleaning, and it is different. This type of procedure goes under the gum line to clean deeply. This cleaning helps to remove hard spots like the roots and pockets at the base of your tooth that your dentist can't reach without a deep cleaning process. teeth cleaning and polishing is essential as a substance known as tartar builds up around the exterior of the roots of teeth. If left untreated, this tartar can increase and cause a severe bacterial infection.


 To stop this bacterial infection, Dentist Teeth Cleaning uses a technique known as periodontal scaling and root planing to remove this substance from your tooth. Your Dentist in Houston, uses an ultrasonic device to clean the tartar, which is not removed by usual scrapping.



Avoid certain foods after a deep cleaning.

After the deep cleaning procedure, your gums and teeth will be healing and sensitive, so your dentist will ask you to avoid certain foods. These are some foods that could interrupt the restoring process, and you should avoid them after the procedure:


  1. Avoid eating acidic foods like oranges and tomatoes.
  2. Food that is sticky and challenging, like steaks, hard candies, or large burgers.
  3. Dont eat food with small pieces that will get stuck in the gums, like nuts or popcorn.

Deep Dental Cleaning Techniques

Root Scaling is a process that assists in removing plaque, stain, calculus, and other accrued material attached to the tooth surface. Dentists manually remove these either by hand or with a unique dental tool called an ultrasonic scaler in cases of extreme amounts in your mouth. This helps in controlling oral and reducing oral bacteria.


Root Planing – dentists use an ultrasonic scaler to help stop dental plaque, root surface endotoxins, and the left calculus. It aims to remove cementum and is done on the roots of the teeth that show bone loss with tissue collapse. It cleans your teeth properly that have been contaminated by damaging bacteria. It smoothes the tooth roots, which promotes healing and also helps prevent bacteria from colonizing in the future.



As this treatment is more progressive than a regular cleaning, your dentist may give you anesthesia to prevent infection, control pain, or help heal, and your dentist may prescribe a pill or mouth rinse.



You can deeply clean teeth whenever needed or occasionally, which benefits and maintains good oral health. Dental hygiene is essential in every aspect, and it fights bad breath and gum disease and detects early tooth disease. So it is necessary to keep your dental hygiene healthy by visiting your Sapphire Dental twice a year for dental cleaning. Dont forget to brush and floss your teeth regularly and see your Dentist Near Me for regular checkups. Deep cleaning not only cleans your teeth but also eradicates other oral issues.


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