Bite Turbos are tiny acrylic pads, ramps, or mounds cemented onto the chewing surfaces of any rear tooth or the tongue side of the upper front teeth. They could be natural, red, blue, or fabricated of metal in the office of orthodontics specialists of Florida. To open your bite, bite turbos are briefly connected. Your teeth can move freely without bumping into other teeth because of how far apart they protect them from touching . "turbo" refers to the ability to speed up problem-solving by wearing bite turbos.


Why do we wear bite turbos?


According to an orthodontist in Aventura Florida, they serve two purposes and are a temporary addition to your therapy.


  • By applying appropriate pressure to the teeth while biting on the bite turbos, movement is aided. Though you can use them in various circumstances, they are frequently used to assist patients with deep overbites.


  • It decreases the amount of breakage or damage to the opposing teeth when using the bite turbos because they stop people from biting on brackets.


Is it normal to have trouble biting together with bite turbos?


The back molars will not come together wholly when chewing when the Bite Turbos are first bonded to the front teeth, and the front teeth won't contact if they position on the back teeth. The first week of eating soft and liquid foods will help you get accustomed to this new sort of bite because this problem is temporary. Your speech can slightly change, but it will improve after a week.


What to do in case your bite turbos break?


According to the best orthodontics near me, a bite turbo not being contained is unlikely to occur. It's not a problem if one Bite Turbo does fall off. If you misplace one of these, kindly call us. We'll likely arrange a time to have them replaced. However, they might not be required if they make enough movement.

Can we wear bite turbos with braces?


Biting problems might frequently arise when wearing braces. You could encounter two issues if your top teeth come into contact with your bottom braces. A good probability exists that your bottom teeth will shatter or misalign, and it's very uncomfortable since top molars might push bottom teeth out of alignment instead of correcting them. Additionally, the bottom brackets and traditional braces may bear some damage due to an overbite. The bite turbos might help in this situation by making it simple to wear braces.


How effective are they?


The effectiveness of biting turbos is a subject of intense discussion nowadays. When bite ramps were first introduced, one main issue was the material used to build them. Back then, a softer acrylic substance made up the majority of biting turbos. But with time, this substance proved to be less durable and effective. However, as metal bite turbos hit the market, they outperformed conventional bite plates in terms of effectiveness.




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