What is the Treatment for Central Sleep Apnea?

Diagnosis for central sleep apnea

During diagnosis Walk In Dentist Near Me will evaluate your condition based on signs and symptoms.


A sleep apnea specialist called polysomnography will further evaluate your condition and monitor your overnight breathing and other body parts functioning while sleeping. In this, you'll connect to a device that will monitor your lungs, heart, and brain activity; also, they will watch your breathing pattern and body movement.


During slip night study, your doctor will monitor the half of your night and diagnose sleep apnea disorder; then, in the second half, the staff will wake you and give your positive airways pressure for another half. After that, Dentist Cypress will decide on your central sleep apnea treatments.



What is the alternative treatment for sleep apnea?


Continuous positive airway pressure mask (CPAP)

Treatment for central sleep apnea may include:


Addressing problems: You may have central sleep apnea signs or disorders due to other conditions, and treating them might help this disorder.


Reduction of medication: If opioid medication is the reason for central sleep apnea, your doctor may gradually decrease the dose or cease it.


Continuous positive airway pressure: This method is also used to help obstructive sleep apnea; you must wear a mask on your face and mouth. The mask is directly attached to a small pump that continuously applies pressurized air to open your upper airways. CPAP may prevent the closure of airways but may trigger central sleep apnea.


Adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV): If you find no effectivity from CPAP, you might be given ASV; both ASV and CPAP deliver pressurized air. Unlike CPAP, ASV adjusts the flow and pressure while you sleep according to your breathing pattern. This device might also deliver a breath if you haven't taken a breath for a few seconds. However, this won't be recommended for people with heart problems.


Bilevel positive airway pressure (BPAP): like ASV, BiPAP delivers pressure when you breathe and has different pressure when you breathe out. Bipap has the same mechanism as ASV; also, dentist 77084 avoids BiPAP for heart patients. If you have any such problem, you should make a sleep apnea appointment with general dentistry services.



How should you prepare for an appointment?

  • You should bring prior studies, tests, or diagnostic reports to your specialist.
  • You should also ask your sleeping partner to come with you and provide details about your sleeping disorder or any pattern.
  • You may also write down all the symptoms, including both related or unrelated, for the appointment.
  • Also, you can write down personal information such as significant stress or any recent change in your daily routine, any medication, vitamins, or supplements add on, including the doses.



Suppose you have problems breathing, missing out, or other discomforts while sleeping. In that case, you should consider visiting a dentist in 77084 for proper treatment and diagnosis of the issue.


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