Do you feel a little uneasy because you have a missing tooth? Dental bridges with cantilevers might be something to consider. These bridges can help restore your smile by helping to bridge the gap left by a missing tooth. If you are looking to get a cantilever dental bridge, read this article till the end, as this article will weigh its positive and negative aspects which will help you to make an informed decision.


Benefits of Cantilever Dental Bridges


Filling The Gap

It can be a little challenging to eat and speak when you have a missing tooth. Dental bridges with cantilevers can help with it. They affix to the neighboring teeth and make a reliable replacement for the missing tooth. In this manner, you can eat and converse without worrying.



Simple Procedure

It's not as difficult to get a cantilever dental bridge as it might sound. Several trips to the dentist are typically necessary for the process. The surrounding teeth will be cleaned, impressions will be taken, and a custom bridge will be made for you. It doesn't take long or hurt, so that's definitely a bonus!


Boosting Confidence

Sometimes, having a missing tooth can make you feel a little self-conscious when you smile. However, you can reclaim your confidence by getting a dental bridge houston. You won't need to hide your grins anymore because your new bridge will feel and look just like a real tooth.


Preventing Shifting Of Teeth

The teeth next to the lost tooth may begin to shift into the empty area. This may result in issues with your bite and dental alignment. By bridging the gap and preserving the alignment of your teeth, cantilever bridges can stop this from happening. To get the benefits of this treatment, contact the dentist houston tx.


Things To Look Out In Cantilever Dental Bridges


Stress On Adjacent Teeth

Cantilever bridges have some flaws for some people, including increased stress placed on the teeth near the gap in some cases. Since the bridge is only joined on one side, when you chew, additional force is placed on the nearby teeth. These teeth may eventually get weaker as a result of this. But with proper instructions given by your dental professional, this issue can be fixed.


Limited Space

When there is only one tooth next to the gap where a tooth formerly was, cantilever bridges are fantastic. However, they are not the greatest solution if you have two adjacent missing teeth. A different kind of bridge might be a preferable option in such circumstances. To find out which dental bridge is a perfect choice for you, confer with your dental professional.



Not as Strong As Some Alternatives


Cantilever bridges are reliable, though perhaps not as reliable as other kinds of dental bridges. Your dentist could suggest a different sort of bridge if you're replacing a tooth in a region that receives a lot of chewing force since it will be more durable. So, it is highly recommended to consult with your houston emergency dentist to know which bride will be perfect according to your requirements.



You are now aware of the benefits and drawbacks of cantilever bridge dental after reading this article. Have a discussion with your dentist before deciding so that they can advise you regarding the suitability of a cantilever bridge for your particular dental scenario. Keep in mind that maintaining good dental health is always a positive step towards a more contented and healthy smile.


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