What You Should Know About Performance of Teeth Whitening?

Innumerable types of teeth whitening products are available in the market! But this doesn’t mean you will pick any and start using it for retaining the natural whiteness of your teeth. Though teeth whitening have gained a huge popularity in the booming dental industry yet you have to decide wisely.

A number of products can affect the teeth by deteriorating its health greatly. In fact a few can be the prime cause for permanent damage of the teeth too. Hence, you are advised to whiten your teeth by a professional teeth whitening dentist in London who has enough experience in this subject.

But if you want to know how teeth whitening process works, then this blog is for you! Just go through it once.    



The procedure of teeth whitening

Usually, a teeth whitening gel is made of an ingredient that helps in opening the pores of the teeth. This allows the active bleaching agent to enter via the pores to reach to the dentin by penetrating through enamel.

It is loaded with oxygen molecules which get contacted with the discoloured molecules resulting in breaking them down entirely. It will expose the natural whiteness and colour of the teeth. Repetitive application will remove the stains entirely from your teeth.    

What’s about teeth sensitivity?

A majority of the people experience teeth sensitivity of some degree post-teeth whitening treatment. A few people feel it mild whereas some more intense. As the pores are opened during this process, teeth lose hydration and some essential minerals. This results in the experience of teeth sensitivity.

It will be there till the teeth rehydrate on its own. It can consume more or less than 3 hours approximately. Even you can use a desensitising gel on consultation with your dentist. It will expedite the rehydration process by closing down the exposed pores.

As a result, sensitivity will get reduced soon and also your teeth will deflect from new stains too as the pores are closed. Open pores influence the coloured substances to seep through it for re-staining the teeth.  

Necessity of number of applications of tooth whitening

The frequency of London teeth whitening applications is totally depended on the stains’ severity along with the peroxide concentration used. Moreover, considering certain aspects such as use of tobacco, oral hygiene habits and dietary habits are also good. Specific conditions like tetracycline stains and dental fluorosis should be considered too as well.

Ages 14-25

Ages 26-40

Ages 41+

3 gel syringes

4-6 gel syringes

7-9 gel syringes

3-9 applications

7-14 applications

41+ applications


What can you expect from teeth whitening?

Teeth’s natural whiteness resides within the dentin underneath enamel. Enamel is the exterior hard coating which acts as the protective shield; on the other hand, dentin is the soft tissue much identical to bone tissue.

Teeth’s natural colour varies from person-to-person: majority possess off-white, yellowish and greyish. Only a few percentages of people have pearly white teeth. Despite the colour, teeth whitening treatment is about the appearance after all stains have been removed completely. 


Common FAQs about teeth whitening

Dental patients have lots of questions about teeth whitening before they attend their scheduled appointment. Here answers are given for a few such questions to make them ease.  

How safe is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening method is 100% safe if it is applied in the correct manner. It will not damage your teeth and you don’t have to tense regarding any prolonged or short-term risks as well. As it will restore the natural brightness and whiteness of the teeth, you will feel utmost comfortable with the obtained results.

Is teeth whitening painful?

No, it isn’t! However several dental patients get nervous and anxious prior to any dental procedure. Regardless extrinsic or intrinsic treatment, this is as much simpler and painless as routine cleaning of your teeth.  

Do teeth whitening provide permanent solution?

Teeth whitening method is effective to eliminate the existing stains from the teeth to retain its natural whiteness! However it can’t protect the teeth from any further stains in the future. Along with the time, your teeth will start to lose its natural whiteness again with the help of several influencing factors like diet, age and much more.

Generally, it lasts from 6-month to 2-year till the patient returns to its own daily habits. The lifespan of the treatment is also depended on genetics, habits and diet chart followed by the individual.  

Are they any limitations of teeth whitening?

Certainly yes! That’s why you are always recommended to get your teeth whitened by a professional cosmetic dentist. This will protect you from the potential risks and side effects. Application of high amount of whitening gel at the time of procedure results in permanent damage of your teeth.

Even it can affect the soft tissues of your mouth in case the gel gets subjected to the gums. Prior to undergo teeth whitening; talk to your dentist regarding safest applications and treatments. You should always keep in touch with the dentist to follow the instructions strictly.

In case of any uncertainty regarding application procedure, you must consult with your dentist. Remember tooth whitening is safe only if its execution is perfect!

Are there any particular methods of whitening you should avoid?

Nowadays, multiple ways of teeth whitening can be found in the market! But most of them aren’t approved as safe or sometimes they are executed by an improper person with lack of knowledge, training and license.

You must avoid the laser teeth whitening provided at various kiosks and shops. It is extremely important to follow as improper execution can lead to prolonged tooth sensitivity and gum damage. In fact you should also avoid the use of DIY natural whitening pastes and whitening mouthwash as these are less effective.

Moreover, natural pastes are produced from fruits which are acidic in nature and thus harmful for dental health (wears down the enamel). It speeds up your aging by damaging the teeth. As a result, your teeth will become discoloured and worn more than it was before. So, you are advised to incline on the safe side always by consulting with your dentist before using some new products.

Certain reasons are there for which teeth lose the lustre and pristine whiteness. Only a reliable cosmetic dentist restores the smile by applying professional teeth whitening service. With the help of many financial options, talk to our cosmetic dentist at Fitzroy Dental Practice to get brightest shade of your teeth at an unbeatable rate. 

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