When is a tooth extraction necessary?

Sometimes, it happens that you have gone through the teeth filling treatment but still, your tooth is not cured, you have no option but tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is the process of pulling out teeth from your mouth in the case of serious infection or bleeding. The tooth needs to be taken out to stop it from spreading further. If you are suffering from tooth-ache, swelling, and bruising you can manage these problems with analgesic medications for some time. But if it is uncontrollable and there is continued bleeding and infection inside your mouth, you need to walk-in emergency dental.


Why need a tooth extraction?


  • If a tooth is severely broken or damaged.
  • To correct overcrowding of the teeth.
  • If you have impacted teeth that are unable to erupt.
  • Suffering from tooth decay.
  • Proper alignment of teeth.


So, if you have a broken tooth due to some reasons such as you have eaten a hard substance, or met with a sudden accident and you didn’t take it seriously. The damage will increase further and cause infection in your teeth. To stop the infection your tooth needs to be treated with affordable dental.

What to do before the procedure?


  • The patient should explain the complete medical history to their dentists so that they could know everything including prescriptions, vitamins, or any other thing that is necessary to know for the procedure.
  • The patient should not smoke on the day of surgery because it can lead to a painful problem during surgery.
  • Dentists will go on for an X-Ray examination of the affected area of the tooth.
  • Some professionals may prescribe you antibiotics before the surgery to control the infection.
  • The surgeon can prescribe you anesthesia before the surgery.
  • Patients are not allowed to take any eatable things before the surgery up to six to eight hours.


Emergency tooth extraction procedure


A Tooth Extraction procedure also known as Dental Extraction is the process of removing an affected tooth from the socket.  This procedure is very common in teenagers and adults as their lifestyle or eating habits get them into dental problems. To maintain the health of teeth and gums, they go through the procedure. There are two types of tooth extraction procedures:


Non-surgical procedures: in this procedure, dentists use an elevator to loosen up the teeth from the jaw bone and then remove the teeth with the help of forceps. 


Surgical procedure:  This procedure is done on patients who have damaged teeth or broken teeth or have premature teeth.  Dental surgeons make a small incision in the gum and elevate the soft tissue that covers the tooth and bone and may also remove surrounding jaw bone with a drill. The tooth may break into several pieces to make extraction easier.


Tooth extraction aftercare:


After the tooth extraction, your surgeon will ask you to bite down on a piece of gauze for twenty to thirty minutes. The pressure will help to form a blood clot in the extraction area.

process. You should not spit after the surgery. You can use an ice pack on your jaw to reduce swelling if it is formed. Also, you should avoid hot foods and alcohol for the first twenty-four hours. 


A Tooth extraction recovery will generally heal up in about two weeks’ time, but it will take three to six months for the bone and soft tissue to regrow. Remember, tooth extraction has become a common procedure, and professionals have years of experience as they are helping patients through this treatment.

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