Prolonged use of your child’s ‘binky’, ‘soother’, or ‘pacifier’ can impact the proper growth and development of the mouth, teeth, and jaws.



Due to the sucking action during pacifier use, the roof of the mouth/palate begin to change shape. Instead of the ideal U shape, the roof of the mouth becomes more V-shaped, narrow, and high vaulted. This can lead to:



  1. Open bite
  2. Tooth crowding
  3. Speech issues
  4. Esthetic issues (this can lead to bullying and teasing)



Dentists differ on when to eliminate this habit. At Smiling Dental Ancaster we encourage the following…




  • Eliminate/wean off soother/pacifier habit as early as possible. The earlier parents start, the less likely there will detrimental effects.
  • Avoid letting your child use the soother as an all-day chew toy or night time fun. Frequent and regular use of the pacifier is what leads to unwanted changes in the jaw, muscles and teeth.
  • If you are not sure of what to do – talk to us!  We are certified in habit correcting appliances to help with pacifier habit cessation. (see more info below)



DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF or worry about judgment if you have a child that is addicted to their pacifier. We understand. We have kids. We are here to offer a non-judgemental environment and you can always freely ask us anything.



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