When You Need an Emergency Dentist

People who have teeth problems such as cavities, bad breath, chipped teeth or uneven jaw lines can hire the services of an emergency dentist who is fully experienced in treating these problems. They are also obligated by their line of work to inform their customers on proper teeth hygiene, and the correct foods to eat to strengthen their enamel.

There are many dental situations that call for immediate action, but too often people are afraid to go or think they have to wait for an appointment. An emergency dentist can help you before your small problem spirals out of control. You don't have to rush to a dental office every time you have a slight toothache, however, but there are certain times when waiting can be extremely detrimental to your overall health and, of course, your smile. Here are some situations that are deemed emergencies.

1. Losing a Permanent Tooth

Unless you're under ten-years-old, if you lose a tooth, it's going to be gone forever unless you take quick action. If your tooth falls out, the first thing to do is to find it. As odd as it may sound, in some instances, a dentist can implant your tooth again successfully if you work fast. Clean it off with water, and if possible, gently put it back into the socket and hold it in place while you dash to the nearest emergency dentist. If you can't manage to place it back into your mouth, it is suggested to place it into a glass of milk while you transport it. The sooner you can get to your dentist's office, the greater the likelihood that your tooth can be saved.

2. Loose Tooth

Perhaps you haven't lost your tooth just yet, but you notice that one or more feels loose in the socket. Maybe you can move it around quickly with your tongue or notice that it is quite sore. You may be about to lose it for good so now is the time to contact a dentist. Leaving the problem can result in tooth loss. A qualified Emergency Dentist In Mesa Az can help re-implant teeth if necessary or give you advice on how to reverse the loosening process.

3. Tooth Pain

An occasional toothache after a sugary snack or from a very cold drink is nothing to run to the dentist's office about (although it could signify a cavity, which does deserve a regular checkup). However, severe or chronic tooth pain is a signal of deeper problems that require immediate attention. This is especially true if the pain is accompanied by inflammation or makes normal activities such as chewing uncomfortable or even impossible.

4. Lost Filling

If you have had any cavities filled, you may also accidentally knock one of the fillings out. While it may not seem like a job for an emergency dentist, replacing lost fillings shouldn't be put off. If you're unable to secure a timely appointment with your regular dentist, consider a visit to ensure that you don't risk causing further damage.

5. Abscess

Inflamed gum tissue around a tooth is called an abscess. This is usually quite painful and indicates an infection. They aren't always painful but are usually noticeable as lumpy pockets, often filled with fluid. Even if it causes you no or little discomfort, it is important to visit an emergency dentist. If left untreated, it can cause tooth loss and further decay.

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  • Good writeup. People might think pain or bleeding can be managed it is advisable to visit an emergency dentist.  Dental emergencies can be well handled by an experienced doctor. A chipped or cracked tooth requires professional attention as bacterial infection may occur later. Avoid it by visiting a good emergency dentist 

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