U.S oral care survey reveals that a whopping 56% of denture wearers avoid eating certain foods, and also feel limitations in their work, social, and romantic lives.This is mostly due to removable dentures that are poorly fitted and wobbly. 


Permanent dentures provide the ultimate solution to this problem. Compared to conventional implants, permanent dentures implantation is a minimally invasive procedure involving shorter surgery and healing time. Permanent dentures also account for lesser post-op complications. With the latest ‘All in 4 treatment concept’ where an entire set of new dentures can be placed by just implanting four dental implants on your jaw bone, getting permanent dentures has also been made possible for patients who previously could not get them due to having very little jaw bone.

Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants in Grand Rapids and Rockford, Michigan are pioneers in the ‘All in 4 treatment concept’ and have become the authority on implanting permanent dentures in the Western Michigan area. Call 616-361-7327 or visit https://www.grandrapidsoralsurgery.com/procedures/oral-pathology/ to find out  more.

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