Why May Children Need Stainless Steel Crowns?

Your kid may require a stainless steel crown if they have single or multiple damaged and decayed teeth. Generally, the best kids dentist near me recommends pediatric crowns when a small dental filling is not enough to restore the tooth. Additionally, If your child needs a baby root canal. In that case, you can expect they need to place stainless steel crowns after the procedure. Stainless steel crowns last up to 10 years, depending on how well you care for them, where they position them in your mouth, and the materials they use during the procedure.

What are the popular types of stainless steel crowns? 

According to pediatric dentist North Miami, the two most famous stainless steel crowns are:

  • Pre-trimmed, non-contoured, stainless steel crowns: these dental crowns have straight sides but festooning that runs parallel to the gingival crest. Characterizes stainless steel crowns that have been pre-trimmed but are not shaped.
  • Pre-contoured stainless steel crowns: These crowns are less time-consuming to place chairside. They closely resemble the anatomy of primary molars. Sometimes extra contouring and trimming may be necessary.

How do dentists apply stainless steel crowns?  

The pediatric dentist aventura will first sedate your child before installing a crown to help them feel less anxious and maintain their composure throughout the procedure. In addition, they will use dental anesthetics to keep your child relaxed and numb while they place the crown. Once your child is calm and comfortable, the Kids Dentist North Miami will remove any decayed or damaged tissue from the tooth. If a baby root canal is necessary, they will also clean the pulp chamber's interior of degeneration.

They will remove the deteriorating tissue, and your child will be ready for a crown. Prefabricated stainless steel crowns come in various sizes and can be modified to fit any baby tooth. Your dentist for pediatric care near me will take the correct measurement and make any necessary corrections to ensure the crown works. The crown will then be affixed to the tooth permanently after that. A stainless steel crown can be installed during a single dental appointment and is expected to last until the tooth is naturally lost.

How to help a child after the placement of stainless steel crowns? 

After placing a crown, you will need to refrain from eating until the numbness from anesthetics fades away to prevent damage to the soft tissue. Depending on their dental sedation level, your kid may also feel some residual sleepiness, so you must watch them throughout the day. Finally, over-the-counter pain medications can reduce any discomfort they experience while their mouth adjusts to the crown. It will help if you give them soft food for a few days.

How to care for a child's dental crown?

You may assist your child in maintaining their dental crown by urging them to brush their teeth twice daily and floss once daily. By doing this, the risk of bacteria getting into the crown will be reduced, and other teeth won't start to deteriorate. Tell your child not to chew on ice, pencils, toys, or hard candies. Even though stainless steel crowns are incredibly strong, these behaviors could nevertheless damage the crown.


The above-provided details and information will help you learn some beneficial information regarding stainless steel crowns. For more valuable facts and information, please visit vippediatricdentist.com.  

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