Why Orthodontic Treatment Needed?

If you are looking for an orthodontist- the best dentist in Houston then you don’t need to look any further than the specialized services that you can find at urbndental.com. The reasons people need an Adult Dentist Near Me for orthodontic treatment vary from person to person.






The number of people with orthodontic treatment is rising every year at a steady rate. Your best dentist near me will typically be the first person to mention orthodontic treatment and they will likely send you to see an orthodontist for a consultation to see if you need their services.


Candidates for Braces


The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children should be seen for their first orthodontic consultation before they reach 8 years of age. This screening can allow the orthodontist to use preventative measures to possibly correct situations that may lead to braces in the future. This screening can also help parents know if they are going to be needing orthodontic treatment planning very shortly. Adult Dentist Houston may consult with their dentist at any time. The initial consultation is usually a visual evaluation of the person's teeth and facial structure. If the orthodontist requires more information, diagnostic records are then taken. These diagnostic tools are then used by the orthodontist to study and formulate a treatment plan.


Referral from Dentist


Generally, orthodontists won't need a reference from an overall dental specialist, it might very well be useful to get one when it comes time to picking a dental specialist that is appropriate for you.


Why Braces Needed


Braces are used to move your teeth into the ideal position and align how they bite together. There are three different types of misalignment.




  • Class I: The ideal relationship between the upper and lower teeth. Crowding or spacing may be present with a Class I bite.
  • Class II: The person's lower first molar is positioned more towards the back of their mouth. The upper jaw appears to protrude forward. A Class II bite has two sub-classes that also describe the position of the upper front teeth.
  • Class III: The person's lower first molar is positioned closer to the front of the mouth. The lower jaw protrudes forward.

A few patients might experience the ill effects of changing levels of swarming or dividing. Swarming is a condition that makes the teeth crossover, pivot and develop into the wrong situation in their mouth. Swelling and crowding may likewise be brought about by losing the essential early or holding them in the mouth longer than anticipated. Swelling makes it hard to brush and floss teeth effectively, which can prompt tooth rot or gum disease




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